Using Default templates and measuring delivery satisfaction

Default templates are the simplest way to use the Tracking email feature. In this article we will cover:

  • How to use the default templates and check how they look.
  • How to use the Delivery satisfaction survey, which is part of the last email (Delivered) template.

Navigate the default templates

Bigblue provides default templates in French and English (respectively named  Bigblue Default (FR) and Bigblue Default (EN)). To discover what the default template looks like:

  • Scroll down to the Templates section
  • Click on the default template name: Bigblue Default (FR) or Bigblue Default (EN)

Tracking_2.pngYou're directed to the Edit page that consists of two windows side by side: the email editor on the left-hand side and the real-time email viewer on the right-hand. 

💡Please note that default templates cannot be deleted and their content, From and Reply To fields, cannot be edited. To modify the templates' content, duplicate the template by hovering over the three dots on the top right corner and clicking on  Duplicate template.

  • Look at the result on mobile or desktop by clicking on the right icon.

  • Mock data is injected to simulate an email sent on your behalf to customers. Pick a status at the top to see what an email looks like for a specific order status.


Measure Delivery satisfaction with the Delivered template

The Delivered template contains the delivery satisfaction survey. Make sure the email is activated if you want the survey to be sent!

Once opened by the buyer, it consists of 2 buttons, one thumb up and one thumb down. 

Depending on their answers, your client will see a different window:

They can write a comment to give you more details. 

Good to know:

  • Even if your users don't click on Submit, we record their first vote! You won't lose their first advice if they did not want to write a comment. 
  • The windows after the poll exists in 2 languages: French and English. The displayed language depends of the language of your client's order. If the order language is not one of the two, the page is displayed in English which is the fallback language. 

✋ You want to measure delivery satisfaction but you are using custom emails? See how to set up delivery satisfaction surveys in your custom emails here.

❓Is it possible to answer several times? What happens in this situation?

Yes, it is possible for the moment to answer several times, but each new answer will overwrite the previous one. This means that you will never have more responses than orders placed and the result of the survey will be the last opinion of your buyer. 

⚠️ There is no expiration date on this link, so your buyer can answer a long time after delivery.

How can I track and leverage results?

You can access them through the dashboard, read how to use it and gain insights on your buyers here.

Please note that a new version  of tracking emails is now available. Check it out here

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