Create a B2B order

Planning on shipping a B2B order? 

Here are all the tips you need to follow in order to ensure it all goes smoothly! 💪

First off, what is considered a B2B order?

At Bigblue, any order with more than 20 products is considered a B2B order. 

They are handled separately from B2C orders at the warehouse, with dedicated processes to ensure a proper packaging and shipment. They are prepared within 2 business days.

How to communicate specific instructions on my orders?

Some B2B orders require specific packing operations or specific documents to be attached. Bigblue lets you send specific instructions and make sure your order arrives as requested

To make sure that your instructions will be taken into account at the time of preparation, it is necessary to: 

  • fulfill orders in the app on Business Days, between 2.00pm and 6.00pm
  • fill out the Typeform within 30 minutes after submitting the orders in the app

☝️In case the two criteria above are not respected, Bigblue will make its best but does not commit to respecting the preparation instructions. 

For each warehouse, a different form :

Tip: You can find the code of your warehouse directly in the app by clicking settings, then on warehouses.

If you us to send information about your shipment (dimension, weight, etc.) once the order is prepared there's a dedicated section in the form. Our customer care team will share the information with you as soon as the order is ready! All you need to do is ask for this information in the Typeform.

☝️If the order packing is complex, Bigblue may charge additional fees charged on an hourly basis.

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