Returns public page how-to

Enabling your customers to download return labels for free can be game-changing for your customer service.

Make sure you've set up your returns public page and read this article to learn how easily your customer can obtain a return label! 

1. Your customer first needs to access your public page for returns, which looks like this


  • Both a French and an English version are available depending on your customer's browser locale.
  • The logo displayed at the top of your public page will be the one you have uploaded in the Organization settings of your profile. Clicking on it redirects to the E-Shop URL registered in the Returns settings.

2. They then need to enter the Bigblue Order Number, starting with your quadrigram


Note: In order to make it easy for your customer to find the Bigblue order number, we advise you to make it visible in the Bigblue tracking emails



3. They also need to enter the Billing Postal Code related to their order


Note: Why the billing and not the shipping postal code? Well, the reason is very simple: the person that needs to be reimbursed for the payment of the initial order is the person who paid for it and not the person who received it!


4. Finally, they have to click on Get my return label in order to download the label



Last but not least, explain to your customer that they should

  • Follow the carrier instructions on the label. Each carrier has its own set of instructions.

    Fun fact: Did you know that in France, with Colissimo, a client can return a package by leaving it in their mailbox before 8AM?! They can make a request for mailbox pickup here.

  • Add the order's delivery note to the package. This document was inside the original package received and is indispensable for the identification of the return order at the warehouse.

    Delivery note lost?

    Don't worry! You can get it instantly from the order's page by clicking on Delivery Note and send it to them



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