Master customers' returns

Consumers buying a product online have return rights that can vary depending on the applicable laws. Do you know what return rights your customers are entitled to?

Under the EU rules, for example, customers have the right to cancel and return their order within 14 days after their purchase, for any reason and without justification ( Europa)!

Read this article to learn how you can become a customer returns master!

1. Provide your customer with a return label

Your customer can obtain a return label in two ways:

💡Always advise your customers to make sure they pack the items to be returned in the safest way to avoid damage.

2. Track the return shipment

  • As soon as Bigblue detects the returning package, the order status will switch to Returning


  • In the return section, click on the tracking number to track the entire process

⚠️ The tracking will only be activated once the carrier has scanned the customer's label.


  • Look for information in the Events section and/or click on the Tracking URL to access the carrier's tracking page for more information

3. Follow the product storage at the warehouse

Once received by the warehouse, each returned product is screened for quality control:

  • If the received quantities match the expected quantities and the products are of good quality, the products will be put back to stock.
  • Damaged products will be stored separately and can either be shipped back to you or destroyed, depending on your instructions. 

In the return section, look for the result of the quality control. For each product:

  • The 🕕 column states the expected quantity.
  • The ✅ column states the quantity received that was of good quality.
  • The ⚠︎ column states the quantity received that was damaged.


After the quality control has been performed, the order's status will switch to Returned


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