Download a return label

Are you looking to download a return label for your customer? Read this article to learn how to do this in a few steps!

⚠️ Please note that return labels are available for the following countries depending on the warehouse that you are using:

  • ADS Evreux (EU-FRA-002): Austria, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Denmark. 
  • LOG'S Tigery (EU-FRA-003): France only

In case you need a label for another country, please contact for support.

🆘 Keep in mind that every returned parcel needs to contain the original order's delivery note so that the warehouse can identify the parcel's content. Without the delivery note, it won't be possible to process the returned items.


1. On an order's page, look for the fulfillment section and click on Customer return at the top right



2. For each product, enter the quantity to be returned and click on Create


A return section will appear on the order's page



3. Click on the link under SHIPPING LABEL to download the carrier's return label



4. Send the return label to your customer explaining that they should

  • Follow the carrier instructions on the label. Each carrier has its own set of instructions.

    Fun fact: Did you know that in France, with Colissimo, a client can return a package by leaving it in their mailbox before 8 AM?! They can make a request for mailbox pickup here.

  • Add the order's delivery note to the package.

    🆘 The delivery note was inside the original package received and is indispensable for the identification of the return order at the warehouse.

    Delivery note lost?

    Don't worry! You can get it instantly from the order's page by clicking on Delivery Note, and send it to them

💡Always advise your customers to make sure they pack the items to be returned in the safest way to avoid damage.



What if I don't want to pay for my customer's return label?

Then you should ask your customer to:

  • Add the order's delivery note to their returning package, as mentioned above.

  • Send the package to the return address available in the app (Settings → Logistics → Warehouses).

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