Introduction to returns

A return is any item sent back to the warehouse it originally shipped from.

Mastering returns is key to providing top-notch customer service and reducing unnecessary costs.
Read this article and discover how to rock them! 😎


What do we actually call returns?

In logistics, there are two types of returns! Click on the links below to discover them:

  • Carrier returns
    In case the delivery of a package fails, carriers will have to return it to the warehouse of origin.

  • Customer returns
    Your customers can decide to return their products if they don't suit them, for instance because the size was too small or too large, or because the product was not as described.


A few tips to help you prevent costly returns!

68% of customers review a retailer's return policy before purchasing a product looking for free and easy return conditions (Shopify, 2019). Yet, returns are killing retailers' margins!

Feeling stuck? Read below to learn how you can avoid unnecessary returns:

  • Maximise your delivery rates by initiating timely and efficient communication.

    The main causes for carrier returns are an invalid delivery address, an unclaimed package at a pickup point, or a recipient that is away when delivery is attempted. To identify orders encountering delivery issues, filter your orders by Exception status. Contacting your customer can very often help solve the issue!

  • Create a transparent return policy.

    A clear, understandable policy can help you avoid returns that result from misunderstandings.

    Note: Remember that you can easily link your Return policy URL to your Bigblue Returns Public Page, if you've enabled it!

  • Focus on perfecting your merchandise descriptions and use high-quality visuals.

    Bridge the gap between your customers' expectations and the reality of your products by providing accurate and sufficiently detailed specs, descriptions, and views.

    Note: If you're a fashion company, consider offering online fitting tools too.
  • Keep using customer feedback to improve your merchandise descriptions.

    You know how valuable your customer's voice can be!


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