Set up my tracking email settings

With Bigblue Tracking Emails, take back the control of your client communication all along the order fulfillment.

💡 Did you know that tracking emails have an average 64% opening rate? Tracking emails become a new way to reach your customers where they listen to you most.

To take the most advantage of this feature, follow the steps below.

Open the Tracking Emails tab

Our tool, your choice

Customize the tracking emails sent by our system with our simple code editor using your own words and brand's visual identity.

  • To learn how to design your own email templates, check this article!
  • You do not want to design any template? We got you covered with default templates in French and English

Default templates

Bigblue provides default templates in French and English (respectively named Bigblue Default (FR) and Bigblue Default (EN)). To discover what the default template looks like:

  • Scroll down to the Templates section
  • Click on the default template name: Bigblue Default (FR) or Bigblue Default (EN)

Tracking_2.pngYou're directed to the Edit page that consists of two windows side by side: the email editor on the left-hand side and the real-time email viewer on the right-hand. 

💡Please note that default templates cannot be deleted and their content, From and Reply To fields, cannot be edited. To modify the templates' content, duplicate the template by hovering over the three dots on the top right corner and clicking on Duplicate template.

  • Look at the result on mobile or desktop by clicking on the right icon.

  • Mock data is injected to simulate an email sent on your behalf to customers. Pick a status at the top to see what an email looks like for a specific order status.


Assign templates

Existing templates are saved with a custom name and are all listed at the bottom of the Tracking Emails page. Define your sending rules by assigning a template for each supported language and each order status.

  • Select one of the supported languages


  • Activate the statuses that will trigger emails by switching the radio buttons in the Active column
  • For each activated status, assign one of the existing templates. Be careful, drafts cannot be assigned!
  • Select your default email language at the bottom of the table
    • Any active statuses that do not have an assigned template will use the templates of the default language
    • Any unsupported languages will again use the default language, and therefore its associated template


  • Assignments can be further changed at any time.

All setup?

Click on the Send Test button next to each status and you will receive an email of the desired status & language, filled with randomized data.


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