Design my own tracking email templates

Our simple email editor gives you the opportunity to create an immersive brand experience until delivery and is a powerful marketing tool. Use it to promote a sponsorship offer, a partnership, your brand’s values or anything your creative mind may think of.

To create your own template:

  • scroll to the bottom
  • click on Add a template.

The Edit page consists of two windows: the email editor on the left-hand side and the real-time email viewer on the right-hand.

First things first

Give your template a name: simply type in the field shown below.


Name, from & reply to

  • Choose the From email & name, as they will appear in your client's mailbox
  • You can also edit to Reply to fields, which your client will write to when replying to this email

Email editor

Our email editor supports both HTML + Handlebars and MJML + Handlebars. We highly recommend using MJML as it is lighter, it automatically handles responsiveness and has a set of pre-built components.

  • To learn how to use MJML, follow this step-by-step tutorial
  • Nurture your template with Bigblue data using Handlebars placeholders. Data available can be found by clicking on the eye at the top of the screen.


For instance, to inject the tracking URL in your template, use the {{ tracking_url }} placeholder.

  • You may also edit and inject data into the email subject using Handlebars placeholders in the field shown below


  • Do not forget to save the changes by clicking on the top-right corner button


  • If your template does not successfully render but you're in a rush, you are able to Save as draft (top-right corner) and come back to your work later. However, your template will not be available for use until finished.

Real-time viewer

Changes in the code are updated in real-time in the viewer next to it.

  • Look at the result on mobile or desktop by clicking on the right icon.


  • Mock data is injected to simulate an email sent on your behalf to customers. Pick a status at the top to see what an email looks like for a specific order status.


  • You may also change the placeholder data language with hovering over the flag next to Placeholder data

Delete or duplicate

Finally, you can delete or duplicate your template. To do so, hover over the ellipses on the top right-hand corner of the page.



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