Filter orders

Searching for orders that match specific criteria? Let us guide you through the order filters.

You can choose to filter your orders by:

  • Store
    You can either select your connected shop(s) or the orders you manually created ("manual")
  • Date
  • Items
  • Country of Destination
  • Status

How to?

Go to the Orders tab and click on the icon next to the field you'd like to filter

  Filtering by store or destination

  • Pick the specific criteria
  • Click on OK

Orders that match the filter are now displayed! To remove the filter, just click on Reset.

💡In the Destination filter, you can also switch the toggle to see Invalid addresses only as explained in point 2 of this article.

Filtering by date

To filter by date, you can either:

  • Pick a date range
  • Select a specific day by filling in the same date for Start date and End date.

To remove the date filters, click on Reset.

Filtering by status

  • Pick the specific criteria
  • Click on OK.

To remove the filter, click on Reset.

Note: For clarification about each order status, have a look at this enlightening article!

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