Process to send you back damaged goods

Do you want Bigblue to send you your damaged goods? Read below to understand how the return of damaged goods is organised.

First things first

As you know, when damaged products are returned to the warehouse they are stored separately from your stock. Then, depending on your instructions, these products can be:

a) returned to you

b) destroyed

a) How are damaged products returned to you

As many merchants wish to have their damaged products shipped back to them, we have implemented a systematic process of return, which works as follows:

  1. Once your damaged products fill up an entire box, then our team will reach out to you so that the return of these products can be organised.
  2. We will need you to provide the following information:
    • Shipping address
    • Preferred carrier options
  3. We will then buy the shipping label for you and send you the order along with the tracking information.

💡 You will only need to pay for the shipping label, the rest is on us!

b) How can damaged products be destroyed

If you want your damaged products to be destroyed, you will have to let us know by informing our team via email to the following address:

☝️ Keep in mind that destroying damaged products can have a cost depending on the:

  • Quantity
  • Type of product
  • Need for proof of destruction
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