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Showing your customers the estimated delivery date of an order at checkout can boost your conversion rate. With Bigblue, you can now surface precise delivery dates in your checkout to let customers know exactly when their product will arrive. Find everything you need to know about it in this article.

What will it look like?

Here's a preview of how your checkout will look like!

How to set up the feature?

You can activate it via your Shopify shop settings in the Bigblue app.

What if the feature is not working?

1. Update Bigblue App rights

Make sure that you updated Bigblue's permissions towards Shopify in the Bigblue app.

2. If it still doesn't work, see our troubleshooting guide at the end of this article

We don't handle discount codes in shipping methods calculations

Bigblue's ETA at Checkout is relying on the Shopify Carrier Service API that enables the injection of shipping and pricing data. This API however does not collect data about product discounts. As a result, if you enable Bigblue's ETA at Checkout and use discount codes, your customers may get free shipping while the minimum order amount is not reached.


  • You created a shipping method that is free for orders above 50€
  • Your customer buys for 55€ with a 10% discount code, hence the real value of the order is 49.5€
  • The free shipping will be displayed because the order value that we get from Shopify is 55€

This limitation is unfortunate and has been reported to Shopify by the Shopify Community as you can see here. Do not hesitate to upvote that issue so it can be prioritised!


  • Who can use this feature? The ETA at Checkout feature is available for Shopify accounts paying the carrier service API.
  • In which languages is the feature available? The feature is available in French, English, Spanish and German. The language is chosen based on Shopify's displayed language in your customer’s browser. To understand how languages are managed in Shopify, refer to their help center article.
  • Which countries are covered? All countries are covered, depending on your shop shipping method zones and Bigblue carrier's covered zones.
  • Which carriers are covered? All carriers are covered.

Troubleshooting guide

If you've updated the Bigblue App rights, but the feature is still not working, here is what you can do.

1. Force a Bigblue App update

Directly in the Shopify admin, go to the apps page, then click on "Bigblue - All in one logistics", then "I already have a Bigblue account".

2. Do you have the proper Shopify plan?

In your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping and delivery, and scroll to the bottom. If you see a section "Enable third-party calculated rates at checkout" with an "Upgrade your plan" button, then you have to change your plan.

If you see the section "Carrier accounts" then all good!

3. Add the carrier app rate in Shopify

  • In your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping & Delivery > Manage rates

  • In France zone, click on Add rate then pick Use carrier or app to calculate rates, choose Bigblue (rates provided by app) in the dropdown selection

  • Tick all shipping methods under Services. Then, tick Automatically show new shipping services to customers when they become available under "Future services"
  • Then, choose in which shipping method (Pickup delivery, expedition standard), you want to display the ETA and tick the last box about future services

4. Remove additional custom rates

Additional custom rates, also known as shipping profiles, prevent Bigblue from considering the right carriers to compute the ETA. In this case, the ETA isn't computed and no ETA is injected.

  • In your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Shipping & Delivery, then in Custom shipping rates, click on Manage, ensure that you don't need it anymore and remove it.

5. Verify that the orders are managed by Bigblue

Bigblue only offers an ETA for orders that are fulfilled by Bigblue.

In your Bigblue App, go to Shop integrations and check that "Auto-fulfill orders" is on.

If the option is disabled on purpose and/or can't be enabled, please contact our Care team

5. Ensure that products are in stock

If an item in the cart is not in stock, chances are Bigblue will not be able to ship it quickly. In this case, no ETA is offered to buyers.

6. Ensure that your Shopify Checkout settings are all up to date

7. If none of these solutions work, do not hesitate to contact our Care team

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