Gift note | Shopify advanced setup

This article completes the Gift Note Setup article of our Help Center.
It will guide Shopify merchants to activate the advanced mode, using a custom cart attribute, for the Gift Note functionality.

Activate Gift Notes using a custom cart attribute

1. Shopify Admin | Edit your store code source to add the gift note field
  • Open your Shopify Admin
  • Click on “Online store”, you must be in the "Themes" section
  • Click on the button "Actions ⌔" choose the menu item "Edit code"

  • In "Sections", select cart-template-liquid

  • Copy-paste the code below before the ending tag </form>.
<label for="gift-note">Add a free gift note</label>
<textarea id="gift-note" name="attributes[bigblue-gift-note]">{{ cart.attributes["bigblue-gift-note"] }}</textarea>

Note: You can modify the code above but the above version is the by-default code.

2. (optional) Shopify Admin | Translate it to your other store languages

If you store is translated to other languages, you should probably edit the label to your other store languages. Depending on which app or module you use for translations, proceed to the label translation.

3. Bigblue App | Activate the gift notes feature in Bigblue
  • Open your Merchant Bigblue App
  • Click on Shop Integration, then open your Shopify shop settings
  • In the gift notes section, select the section option "Enable using custom cart attribute bigblue-gift-note"
4. (optional) Shopify & Bigblue | Test the setup
  • In Shopify, add a product to your cart, open the cart page and verify that the field is displayed
  • Then, place a test order. On your Shopify admin, in the order page, make sure the notes are displayed
  • Finally, in the Bigblue admin app, open the order and in the fulfillment section, open the delivery note and make sure the message was added

Should you had any issue, contact our support team and we will help you!

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