Set up your buyer information in Shopify

To engage with your buyers during post-purchase and maximise the success of your deliveries, it is essential to ask them to provide their email address at the checkout. And it's very quick to set up in the Shopify checkout page settings, just change some default settings.

How do I set up the feature?

Go to your Shopify Store Settings > Checkout.

1. In the Customer Contact section

  • To check out: activate the second option Customers can only check out using email
  • To receive shipping updates: uncheck the 1st option and it's up to you for the second one

☝🏻 Why uncheck the first option? As tracking emails have an average 85% open rate, Bigblue tracking info is sent by email to ensure your buyers keep in touch with delivery updates.

2. In the Form options section

  • Full name: preferably Require last name only but both are accepted
  • Company name: Optional
  • Address line 2: Optional
  • Shipping address phone number: Required - so that carriers like Chronopost can call the buyer

📺 In order to view the procedure in detail, we invite you to watch our summary video.

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