Gorgias integration

This article explains how to install and configure Gorgias with Bigblue application.

Why this integration?

You can connect Bigblue to Gorgias. Through this integration, you will be able to:

  • Improve the productivity of your customer support team
    • With direct access to order information such as status or tracking number in your Gorgias sidebar, you no longer need to switch between Bigblue and your support center
    • You have a one-click access to ordering and support requests with Bigblue
  • Be more proactive thanks to Bigblue events alerts via private tickets 
    • Incorrect addresses can be resolved more quickly
    • You can contact each buyer who gave a poor rating in the delivery satisfaction survey for follow-up questions and care. With Gorgias rules, you can also automate the process.

How to set up the integration?

You can set up the apps either from Gorgias or from Bigblue in a few simple steps.

  1. From Bigblue In your settings, in the "Manage apps" section https://app.bigblue.co/settings/app, click on "Connect" in the Gorgias line
  2. From Gorgias Directly in the Gorgias app store, click on "Connect your Bigblue account" (or "Get started with Gorgias" if you're not logged in Gorgias yet)
  3. Follow the setup flow

The integration is now ready 🕺

Widget - From Bigblue to Gorgias

Once the integration is configured, the widget will naturally appear in your Gorgias sidebar.

💡 If you are a Shopify merchant, we have designed it to be complementary with your Shopify widget.

Information in the widget 
    - order ID 
    - order status 
    - link to ticket creation page in the Bigblue app 
    - creation date 
    - shop 
    For each order, shipment and SKU 
    - product name 
    - SKU
    - number of SKU
    For the returns 
    - tracking number 
    - refund method 
    - product returning 
    - SKU
    - mention damaged 
    For support request 
    - link 
    - topic 
    - lastly modified hour 

You can eventually change the information and layout of the widget by clicking on the âš™ï¸ in order to:
- Add or hide information 
- Reorganize information or the widget among others

How to set up alerts?


We wanted to help you be proactive with your buyers. For Bigblue events that require you to contact your buyer, we send a draft ticket explaining the issue in your support tool so you can respond with a click.

Type of alerts

  • We have 3 alert types available for now
    • Action required order 
    • Negative rating on Buyer Satisfaction survey - with comment
    • Negative rating on Buyer Satisfaction survey - without comment
  • When these events happen, we will create a new ticket in your support
    • At this moment, the buyer is set as the requester but hasn’t been contacted

You can disable alerts you don't want to receive in your Bigblue integration settings. Uncheck the alerts you are not interested in.

Create alert processes 

We associate tags on Gorgias with the tickets we create for alerts. This way, using Gorgias rules, you can for instance automate which agent is assigned or respond to these tickets automatically. The rules are accessible via the Gorgias settings (in the Automation section).

Taper Objet du billet Label
Order in Action Required "Order {order ID} is blocked due to an invalid address or buyer information." bigblue-action-required
Negative rating on Buyer Satisfaction survey - with comment
"Buyer {buyer name} gave a poor rating on the delivery satisfaction survey" bigblue-bad-rating-with-comment
Negative rating on Buyer Satisfaction survey - without comment "Buyer {buyer name} gave a poor rating on the delivery satisfaction survey" bigblue-bad-rating-no-comment

Filter the stores for which you do not want to receive alerts or view widget data: in Bigblue, you can select the stores targeted by the integration. This is useful if you don't want to receive alerts for your B2B store in Gorgias, or if you have multiple Gorgias and multiple stores for all the countries you ship to.

Alerts - Best practices

Your team is free to define the process they want to use to resolve alerts. Here are some tips and recommendations.

  • Order in Action Required
    • If your support team can solve the problem themselves (e.g. incorrect zip code)
      • 💡 If you have a Shopify store
        • the address can be modified directly on Gorgias.
        • we advise you to use the default Gorgias macro "Modify the delivery address of the last order".
      • If you don't have Shopify store
        • the address has to be modified within Bigblue 
        • you can create your own macro to set up an automation 
    • If the issue can't be solved without the buyer input 
      • Answer the ticket and ask the buyer the requested information 
  • Negative rating on Buyer Satisfaction survey 
    • Without comment
      • We recommend that you set up a workflow and macro to automatically respond the ticket by asking for more details on what went wrong
    • With comment
      • We recommend that you answer to the buyer them one by one in order to directly address the buyer's issue.
      • You can also send discount codes and turn a bad experience into a good one. 
        • Turn unhappy shoppers into brand advocates 🚀

Can I connect multiple Gorgias accounts to a single Bigblue account?

Yes, you can simply repeat the installation process for as many Gorgias accounts as you have.

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