Klaviyo integration

This article explains how you can set up and configure the Klaviyo integration that will synchronize some Bigblue events.

Why this integration?

Klaviyo is a marketing platform for e-commerce. It helps creating email or SMS workflows to contact buyers with precise logic. It can help building strong marketing workflows integrating events from the delivery.

With this integration, you will be able to:

  • Schedule emails right after the package delivery
    • đź’ˇ Without our integration, the only available in Klaviyo is “order fulfilled”
  • Segmentation and automation — Target specific customers in their email flows
    • Those who have received their package
    • The happy or unhappy customers in the Delivery Satisfaction Rating
      • Send Trustpilot campaigns to these buyers
      • Send automated discounts to unhappy buyers
      • Stop email workflows when the buyer is unhappy

What events are pushed to Klaviyo ?

Events type 

Use Cases Event Name aka “Klaviyo Metrics” Event Properties
Order Delivered - Trigger how-to-use-your-products email campaigns right when the buyer received their product - Avoid selling emails to buyers who did not receive their product - Bigblue Order Delivered - External id - Order amount  - Currency - Delivery time
Rating given to the Delivery Satisfaction Survey - Target happy customers for some specific communications (send discounts or gifts) - Avoid sending some emails to unhappy buyers  - Bigblue Bigblue Negative Delivery Satisfaction Rating - Bigblue Bigblue Positive Delivery Satisfaction Rating - Rating Time - Order Id - Comment

How are the events displayed in Klaviyo?

You may find events in the Activity feed in Klaviyo, or in each customer’s activity feed.Klaviyo users (the buyers) are identified with their email addresses. If the buyer properties aren’t filled in Klaviyo, Bigblue will synchronize them based on order data. Affected properties are : email, first name, last name, language, phone number.

How to connect Bigblue and Klaviyo

  • Go to Settings, in the “Apps” section and click on “Manage Apps”
  • Follow the flow to connect Klaviyo: Click on “Connect an app”.
    • You’ll be asked to choose your App (Klaviyo)

  •  Fill in the name for your integration and give the integration public API Key (available in your Klaviyo Settings)  

  • Once Klaviyo is connected to Bigblue, you will have access to the settings page on which you can:
    • Change your integration name
    • Select shops for which you will receive events on Klaviyo.


  • Can the I recreate all tracking emails in Klaviyo?
    • For the moment you can't recreate emails. Feel free to contact our support team if you have any specific request or feedback. 

We are very happy to provide you this new integration, and we are looking for feedback: do not hesitate to contact us if you have any improvements ideas on Klaviyo, or if you feel there are missing properties or events!

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