2023 Fuel Surcharge

Carriers charge additional fees for services beyond the standard scope. These are applied by Bigblue in addition to the fulfillment prices.

This fuel surcharge (FSC) is a charge imposed by carriers to take account of regional/seasonal variations in fuel costs.

  • The fuel surcharge applied by carriers from December 2021 is included in the current fulfillment rates.
  • We will only update this rate if there is a significant (>5%) increase in the price of fuel (see https://www.cnr.fr/).
  • The monthly Bigblue FSC rate is displayed in the table below
  • To  calculate the impact of the Bigblue FSC, you need to multiple the fulfillment price in the grid by one plus the FSC rate in percentage.

Example: The fulfillment price is at 7€ and the FSC rate is at 2,3%.The final fulfillment price including the Bigblue FSC will be: 7€x 1,023= 7,161€

🇫🇷 From France

Month Bigblue FSC
May 2023

Colissimo: 7.92%

Other carriers: 2.34%

Smart Offer: 5.56%

EU-FRA-701: All carriers: 5.63%

🇪🇸 From Spain

Month Bigblue FSC
May 2023

Domestic: 0%

International: 3.59%                   

🇬🇧 From Great Britain

Month Bigblue FSC
May 2023 All carriers: 2.92%                                         

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