Pick-up point delivery Europe

🚛 The best carrier is selected to achieve a relay point delivery to Europe* with the highest quality

Code ID: bigblue-fr-pickup

Main characteristics of the transport offer

  • An estimated delivery time between 2 and 5 working days
  • A custody time at the relay point of 8 working days
  • Parcels are delivered to the buyer upon presentation of an identity document and against signature
  • Available for the following destinations: Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Portugal

Parcels characteristics

  • The maximum parcel weight is 30 kg
  • The maximum parcel length is 120 cm
  • The maximum parcel length + width + height is 150 cm

Invoiced weight

The invoiced weight is the real weight of the parcel

Surcharges list

Surcharge name Description Price Unit
Non-mechanizable parcels - If the longest diagonal ≥ 85 cm- If W x H ≤ 20 x 10 cm- If H ≤ 1,5 cm- If W ≤ 200 g 15€ Parcel
Balearic Islands delivery Additional fees for all shipments to Balearic Islands 1,50€ Parcel
Corsica delivery Additional fees for all shipments to Corsica 3€ Parcel
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