Standard Delivery for Domestic Iberia

For Standard Delivery the best carrier is selected to achieve a domestic standard home delivery with the highest quality

Code ID : bigblue-es-standard

Main characteristics of the transport offer

  • A delivery service without signature
  • Estimated delivery times are the following:
    • Spain: 2 working days
    • Balearic and Canary Islands: 5 working days
    • Portugal: 2 working days
    • Madeira and Azores: 9 working days
  • In case of a first failed delivery attempt, a second home delivery attempt is performed as early as the next day
  • In case of a second failed delivery attempt, the parcel is dropped off in a pickup point and the address is specified to the buyer via a letterbox notice. The custody time is of 10 days

Parcels characteristics

  • The maximum parcel weight is 40 kg
  • The maximum parcel girth + length is 150 cm

Invoiced weight

The invoiced weight is the real weight of the parcel

Surcharges list

Surcharge name Description Price Unit
Return undeliverables Transport fees for undeliverables parcel returns 2,50€ Parcel
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