Inbound issues

What are inbound shipments issues?

Inbound shipments inform our warehouses about the products being sent and their arrival date. All products delivered, must be announced, in the most precise quantity possible, with the same barcodes, lot codes, and expiry dates than registered. Failure to meet these requirements may result in blocked offloading and issues reporting.

💡See receiving policies for more details.

Your inbound shipment offloading may be blocked due to the following issues:

Type of issue Explanation
Missing delivery note The delivered inbound shipment cannot be identified, possibly due to a missing document only, or failure to create the inbound in advance
Missing barcode Products don’t have barcodes
Non-scannable barcode Barcodes on products cannot be scanned due to readability issues
Unidentified product Product barcodes do not return any results, indicating either non-announcement in the inbound or non-existence in your inventory
Wrong barcode Product barcodes return different items from what was expected
Unexpected lot-code Although the product barcode is accurate, the lot code or expiry date does not match what was announced.

Other issues, such as receiving a quantity of any SKU at our fulfillment center that is 100% greater than announced (Surplus)*

How to solves issues?

For the specific instance of a 'Missing delivery note,' our Customer Service will contact you via email.

For all other concerns, our warehouse operators will place the products on the side, and report the issues asap. Automatic notifications will be sent via email, and you’ll be able to respond directly within your app.

Then, from your Inbound shipment detail page:

  1. Click on ‘Resolve issues’ OR the specific issue you want to receive. You'll be directed to the Issue Details page, where you'll find photos of the product and its label to provide necessary context for your response.

    2. To resolve any issues, follow these steps:

    1. Firstly, confirm the product sent or indicate refusal of offloading.

      b. After confirming the product, based on the issue type, you'll have the following options:

      1. Request a product relabelling
      2. Ask for a barcode update in the system
      3. Provide the correct lot-code and expiry date

  1. The information will then be transmitted to the warehouse to unblock the offloading. You may be contacted again if additional information is needed, especially if you have requested product returns.

Offloading will resumed as soon as possible. However, our commitment to unloading within 48 hours may be affected in case of issues and depending on the response time.

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