Setting up Slack notifications

Want to keep track of order status changes and you're using Slack? Easy! Set up notifications in your preferred channel and get pinged at the right moment.

1. Connect Bigblue to your Slack workspace

  • Click on Settings
  • Then select Notifications
  • Click on the Slack tab then Add to Slack

  • Give Bigblue access to your Slack workspace

⚠️ Make sure you've selected the correct Slack workspace if you have multiple!

  • Your Slack name and logo will appear, e.g. below Bigblue's Slack workspace has been successfully connected to the app

2. Link Bigblue to the right channels

Bigblue can send notifications in any channel of your preference. We recommend that you create one or several dedicated channels to receive Bigblue notifications.

  • Click on the dropdown menu next to Add a channel to select the channel you want to link to Bigblue

  • You can always remove a synced channel from the app or add a new one

3. Choose the orders you want to get notified for

  • Click on the box under Statuses to select the statuses you want to get notifications for

  • For each status, you can filter the order by Countries or Shops
  • If no specific country or shop is selected, all countries and shops will be whitelisted

4. Manage your Bigblue-Slack workplace connection

  • If you create new Slack channels click on Re-sync channels on the app
  • You can always disconnect  Bigblue from your Slack workplace by clicking on Disconnect workspace

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