Connect my Amazon account

Want Bigblue to fulfill orders sold through your Amazon account? Follow the steps below to successfuly integrate your two accounts.

1. In the Shop Integration tab, click Connect a Shop

2. Select the Amazon platform and click on Next

3. Enter your shop's marketplace and click on Next

☝️ Please, note that only one marketplace per shop is allowed.

4. Grant Bigblue access to Amazon Seller Central and click on Connect

Follow the 3 steps indicated on this page:

☝️ Keep in mind that the same Seller ID and MWS Auth Token applies to all your shops!

💡 Once you enter your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token you will be able to click on Connect.

Your shop is now connected and you're only one step away from shipping with Bigblue! Please, read our article about linking your Amazon products.


Something to keep in mind: Amazon orders synchronization

Bigblue will regularly be receiving order data from your Amazon account. However, some data, such as the client name and shipping address, cannot be transferred automatically to Bigblue.

This is where your contribution will be needed: each time a new batch of orders is synced, you will be asked to import a file containing your Amazon orders into Bigblue in order to complete the missing data.

How do I know when to import my Amazon orders into Bigblue?

Every new incoming batch of orders will trigger a notification that will ask you to complete your orders.

☝️ In order to be able to receive these notifications, you need to first activate them through the notifications center:

  • Access your Notifications center
  • Activate notifications for the option Order completion required

💡 For more information about the Notifications set up, have a look at this article.

How do I import my Amazon orders into Bigblue?

1. Access your Amazon account

  • Navigate to the Orders Reports

  • Select the date range for your report and click on Request

☝️ Make sure not to add any custom columns or fields to your report as this might cause an error to occur when you later import your file into Bigblue.

  • Save the generated report


2. Access your Bigblue account

  • Access the Shop Integrations tab

  • Click on Orders

  • Click on Import order report and import the report generated previously by Amazon

Once the file is imported, your order data will be automatically updated!

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