Link my products

You've just imported your products CSV or created a new product? Great! Now, make sure your orders are properly handled by linking your products!

⚠️ Before linking your products, confirm that:

  • Your shop is connected
  • Your Bigblue products are created

In this article:

  1. Why do I need to link my products?
  2. Enter your shop settings
  3. Find your e-shop products
  4. Link your products
  5. See all your e-shop's orders


1. Why do I need to link my products?

One should differentiate between  e-shop products (they are purely digital); and Bigblue products (they correspond to physical products in our warehouse).

To ensure that the product ordered by your customer is the one we actually ship, each e-shop product  needs to be linked to a Bigblue product accordingly. This should be done:

  • at first, when all your products are imported in the app
  • every time you add a new product to your e-shop

☝️ Only orders with items linked to Bigblue products can be handled by our system. Follow the next steps to learn how to do this.


2. Enter your shop settings

  • Click on the Shop Integrations tab
  • Select the right store by clicking on the respective ⚙️ icon


3. Find your e-shop products

  • Click on the Products tab
  • There, all your products are displayed as they are listed in your e-commerce shop.

Your products can either be:

  • Not linked at all


  • Linked to a Bigblue product but not active


  • Linked to a Bigblue product and active


☝️ To receive the orders in the app, your e-commerce product must be linked to a Bigblue product and the link must be active.


4. Link your products

  • Find the right e-shop product on the left-side
  • Click on Link Bigblue Product

  • Look for the corresponding Bigblue product or bundle by typing its name or unique ID (SKU or bundle identifier).

    Note: Once you've linked a product, it is not possible to "un-link" it. You can either replace the Bigblue product to which you've linked it or simply deactivate the link.
  • Click on Select

The Bigblue matching product or bundle is now displayed on your product's line

  • To link it, click on the grey button to turn it blue

Your product is now properly linked!

Note: You can intentionally decide not to link certain products if you don't want Bigblue to manage these orders. 


5. See all your e-shop's orders

Click on the Orders tab to see all your e-shop's orders, even the ones that Bigblue does not manage

💡Read this article to learn how to solve order synchronization issues.

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