Create a custom integration with Bigblue's API

In addition to our CMS/Marketplaces integrations, and our connections to Klaviyo/Gorgias/Zendesk, Bigblue offers an API to connect your tools to Bigblue systems. This article explains when and how to use the Bigblue API.

What is the API for?

The API allows you to develop a custom integration with Bigblue. For example:

  • To integrate with a new sales channel (shop or marketplace) Bigblue is not currently connected to
  • To develop custom workflows for internal processes
  • To pull/push your Bigblue data to other tools (like ERPs or CRMs)
  • etc.

Before using the API

  • Talk to your developer and share the API documentation to find out if the API fits your use case.

💡 You can also find the API documentation in the API section of the Bigblue app.

1. Go to Shop Integrations

2. Go to our API section at the bottom of the page and click on the Use our API link.

  • Your developer will be responsible for the development and testing of your integration. 

How to start with the API?

If your developer has confirmed they can use the Bigblue API, proceed to the next steps.

  1. Create an account for your developer in the Bigblue App
    1. To add a new user, you can follow our step-by-step tutorial in our article Manage my users.
  2. They then go to the API setup from the Shop Integrations (see screenshot above).
  3. After that, they will need to generate an API Key and secret, and eventually create webhooks.

They can now start developing your custom integration! 🎉

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