Manage my users

Want to view, add, or deactivate users of your Bigblue account? Easy peasy! Read below to learn how to manage your users.

View users

  • Go to Settings
  • Select the Users tab

For each user, you can see:

  • their first name, last name, and email address
  • their role(s)
  • and their status (Active or Inactive)

Add a user

  • Click on the ✚ in the upper left corner of the table to add a user

  • Enter the user's information (first name, last name, email address)
  • Click on Create

The new user has been added and now their account needs to be activated.

Activate the new user account

☝️ The new user's status remains Invited until they follow the invitation link that has been sent to their email address.

  • Prompt the new user to check their mailbox, or
  • Copy the invitation link by hovering over the three dots corresponding to the account and send it to them

💡 Note that at this point you can also choose to uninvite the new user.

  • The user should then follow the invitation link and fill out the required information


  • Finally, the user can authenticate their profile through:
    • their Google account (see our guide on how to use Google sign-in without using Gmail), or
    • their email (a confirmation link is sent to the address) ⚠️ This link is available for 5 minutes.

Deactivate a user

  • Hover over the three dots in the user row
  • Click on Deactivate

The user's status then becomes Inactive.

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