Monitor buyer satisfaction on delivery

You already set up the tracking emails and need to access and browse your clients answers? Let's find out!

Get a first snap of your results

When you enter the dashboard you can notice a tile at the top of the screen showing you the results of your survey over the last 30 days.

You will then access the details by clicking on View buyer ratings.

Navigate past answers and use the buyer satisfaction page

The buyer satisfaction page lets you perform several actions:

  • Read all submissions from your buyers (remember that if a buyer submits several times, we only keep the most recent submission).
  • Check some high-level figures at the top: rating and number of submissions over 30 days.
  • Navigate to the associated order by clicking on its number.
  • Contact your clients by email when clicking on the Contact button.

  • You can export answers as CSV by clicking the lightening on the top right corner. You can also choose the date range. Note that contrary to the other extracts in the app, you won't receive it by email, it will be downloaded directly on your computer.

The different columns of the CSV are:

    • Order ID
    • Rating
    • Comment
    • Carrier
    • Customer First Name
    • Customer Last Name
    • Customer Email
    • Date

💭 What is the average score displayed at the top?

The satisfaction rate over 30 days is the sum of all positive answers in the last 30 days (today included) divided by the total number of submissions in the same time range.

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