Create a return from the app

Whether you have activated the returns portal or not, it is always possible for you to create a return directly from your app. Additionally, creating returns is mandatory for the goods to be received and restocked.

There are three ways to create a return

  • Your buyer can create a return via the buyer portal - if you have activated it

    ⇒ Consult this article to know everything on the buyer portal

  • You can create a return from the merchant app, on an order page
  • Bigblue automatically creates a return when a carrier returns the package to sender.

⚠️ When the delivery fails (wrong address, package not picked up despite reminders), the carrier may also announce a return to the warehouse. The return is created when the carrier notifies us the package is returned to sender.

Why do I need to create a return?

My buyer wants to return their item. Why can't they ship the package directly to the warehouse?

Like inbound shipments, warehouse operators need to identify all goods that are received at warehouse.

Returns have to be created in advance

Create a return will announce its future reception. Warehouse operators know what products are expected, they can alert you for unreturned products, and it allows a faster restocking process. More efficiency for you and your customer!

Unannounced returns have a high chance of being lost and are on average processed 7 days slower.

Explain the return requirements in your return policy. Remind your buyers that they cannot return their order without respecting your return process. - Either give them the link to the return portal - or ask them to contact you

⚠️ Note: Keep in mind that every returned parcel needs to contain an order identifier to be processed (if the label is provided by Bigblue, nothing to do. Otherwise they need to include the order id or the delivery note). Without it, it won't be possible to process the returned items.

Do I need to do anything if the buyer uses the return portal?

No, we got your back!

When requesting a return from the buyer portal, the return will be created right away. The warehouse knows what goods are expected in the return. They can even use the shipment tracking to identify the return.

In which cases should I use the merchant app to create a return?

🔙 You use the Bigblue return portal

  • The return window has expired, and you still want to allow a return
  • You want to exceptionally give a prepaid label where you normally don't
  • You exceptionally want to process the return on behalf of the buyer

❌You DON'T use the Bigblue return portal

  • You exceptionally authorize a return (damaged item, prep mistake)
  • You prefer when your buyer contacts your support first and you create yourself the return*

    *Which we do not recommend for two reasons

    1. to simplify the buyer experience (which tend to prefer self-service solutions accessible anytime)

    2. to save you time internally

⚠️ When you create a return, the destination address is always the warehouse's, it is not possible to configure a custom address.

How to create a return on the merchant app?

On an order's page, look for the fulfillment section and click on Customer return at the top right.

For each product, enter the quantity to be returned and click on Create

A return section will appear on the order's page

A return label is generated for each return you create. You can choose to use it or not and you will only be charged if you use it.

To do so, click on the link under Shipping Label to download the carrier's return label.

The label does not download?

It will probably be due to the country where the buyer is! Return labels are available in 🇪🇺 Europe. Contact our support team via the app of you need a label from another continent.

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