Understand the return portal for buyers

Enabling your customers to create returns in self-service can be game-changing for your brand. This is where our return portal comes into play!

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How does the return portal work?

Wrong size, damaged item... there are many reasons for which a customer would choose to return their package. To simplify this process, they can create these returns directly via our return portal. This self-service option will allow them to access it at all times with no manual action from our support team!

Here's how it goes

Bigblue Returns Portal

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How to set the portal?

You can activate the portal from your Experience Settings. Then, review the settings and adapt them to your return policy. 

You can find a step-by-step guide in this article.


In which language is the portal available?

It is available in 🇫🇷 French, 🇬🇧 English, 🇪🇸 Spanish and 🇩🇪German.

How can my customers access the portal?

  • By default, a QR code will be added to the delivery note. Buyers can simply scan it to access easily the buyer portal. There are also instructions for those who prefer typing the link. You can deactivate this option.

    If the portal is promoted, a mention for returns will also be added in the Delivered email.

    We also recommend you add the link to the portal in your pages and emails

    • In your return policy

    • In the Delivered Email if you do not use Bigblue's Tracking emails

Will buyers receive return labels?

Yes, if you activate this option.

You can configure whether the return is free or at the buyer's expense, for France or Europe. When return shipping is offered to the buyer, the return label will be generated and ready-to-print when the return is requested.

If not, the address of the warehouse will appear so that they can stamp it themselves.

Return labels are available in 🇪🇺Europe. In case you need a label for another continent, please contact our customer support directly via the app.

Will buyers be asked whether they want a refund or store credit?

Shopify merchants can activate refunds via store credit. In this case, before getting their labels, buyers will have the option to choose a refund via payment method or store credit. See this article for more information on store credit.

I don't offer returns. Can I still use your portal for my buyers to return products?

Yes. You can set up whether you offer pre-paid return labels to buyers in your settings ( Returns). You can read a step-by-step guide in this article.

How do buyers login?

When they are coming directly from 

Order Id Zipcode
Both the CMS and Bigblue order id are accepted!

- Shopify  12005 or Woocommerce 150804 
- Bigblue order id (12-letter string starting
with your 4-letter code ex:  ABDCS1765656) or fulfillment id
Both billing and shipping zipcodes are valid

If you have activated it, they are automatically logged in from the delivery note and will directly see the product list.

How can I test the portal?

You can preview the portal with its link to view how it looks.

Add ?lng=fr at the end of the portal link to view it in French (and respectively ?lng=en in English or ?lng=es  in Spanish and ?lng=de for German).

To test the flow - Use the order number " X1" to simulate a fake return with labels offered in France (printerless), with store credit - and " X2" to simulate a return where you do not offer the label - and " X3" to test EU returns You can use any postal code with these order numbers. The products displayed will be fake products (that are not products of your store).

You can also test the flow using a real French order and cancel the return after creating it on the original order page. That way, you will see how your product looks.

I want to exceptionally authorize a return. How can I do it?

You will need to create the return from the merchant app. See this article for further information.

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