Set up store credit

A customer wants to exchange a product? At Bigblue, we have enabled a new refund method directly in your return portal:  store credit. Once shipping their return, your buyers will be able to use their code to purchase an exchange item from your shop.

This system will not only allow you to  retain revenue 🤑 (returns no longer have to be synonym with refunds), but also to spend less time on process exchanges, since your customer will be autonomous.

How does it work?

In the return portal, your buyer can choose between a refund and a store credit.

Return shipping is offered

A label will be provided to customers who opt for store credit.

☝️For the moment, the feature is only available for Shopify stores. To help up prioritize other CMSs, vote for your store in this Typeform.

How to set up the portal?

To activate it, there are 2 simple steps
1. Ensure you have the permissions updated on your Shopify store in Shop Integrations. If you see this yellow alert, click on your store and update the permissions.
2. Tick  Enable store credit in your Bigblue Return Settings


How and when is the store credit shipped to my customer?

The code is sent:

  • 📧 Via Email (code similar to a discount code that the buyer will use to reorder on your store)

  • 🚛 When the buyer ships their return

Your customer can now reorder a new size, color, or another item in your store!

What amount will my buyer receive?

We send a gift card amount equal to the sum of the unit prices of the returned products.

How can I view the store credit issued?

In the Bigblue app, in the return section of an order, you'll see whether your customer asked for a refund or a store credit.

Then, you can access gift cards directly through your Shopify Admin. In case you need to change the amount or resend the code, you can do it on Shopify.

I have issued a store credit but the item sent by customers is damaged, what can I do?

We have chosen to prioritize a faster experience for customers. Considering that most of our merchants already refund their customers for items received damaged at the warehouse and that there is very little risk of dishonesty for buyers in case of store credit, the store credit is issued before the return of the items.

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