Buyer experiences personalization

Buyer experiences is a feature built to help further personalize customers’ post-purchase experience - for each shop connected to Bigblue. This feature will help you expand your business to new countries and customer types (eg. B2B clients).

Experiences are managed directly by merchants on the app, in the section Customer

Advanced Plan

Having multiple customer experiences is reserved for Bigblue Advanced Plan subscribers. Interested? Contact our support team to subscribe

How does the feature work?

The multi-experience feature allows you to create several buyer experiences depending on the shop they have done their orders on. For instance, you would be able to enable different features depending on the country of the buyer, or for your B2C vs. B2B.

Each experience include:

  • Global Settings (company logo, branding elements, support links, social links)
  • Tracking Emails settings (images, marketing banners)
  • Tracking Page (background image, product recommendations)
  • Returns (return policy, return portal settings)

Multi experience is composed of two kind of experiences:

  1. Default experience
    1. This is your default settings for experiences, it will impact all shops orders without a custom experience.
  2. Custom experience
    1. With multi-experience, you will be able to select a shop or a group of shops and apply a custom experience to them.

How to set up the feature?

The multi-experience feature is currently available only for multi-shops. For single shop user, the new section buyer experience customization has been simplified, there will be no experience list.

Experiences are managed in the section Buyer experience on the merchant app. Here are the steps to set up a new experience:

1. On the experience page, select Create Experience

2. Name your experience and select the related shops

3. Customize all features related to this experience (see section below) 

What are the next features that will be part of an experience?

The multi-experience feature was developed early 2023. This feature will be improved during the year and more features will be editable at the experience level.

Do not hesitate to contact us to provide any feedback!

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