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Learn about our current definition of B2B and our standard preparation, additional instructions you can provide and how to request appointment to your deliveries.

How to communicate specific instructions on my orders?

Some B2B orders require specific packing operations or specific documents to be attached. Bigblue offers by default the most common ones and let you ask for additional preparation instructions when needed.

At Bigblue, any order with more than 20 products is considered a B2B order. They are handled separately from B2C orders at the warehouse, with dedicated processes to ensure a proper packaging and shipment. They are prepared within 2 business days.

Default preparation

Any B2B order will be prepared with the following SOP:

  1. Packages dimensions will be up to 60x40x40cm.
  2. Packages weights will be maximum 30kg.
  3. A packing list will be sticked on every parcel.
  4. Bigblue's standard delivery note will be stuck on the first unit of the shipment.

☝️ You don't need to request anything for this to be followed!

Standard instructions

If your buyer has additional requirement, you can ask for instructions when creating your order manually or in the order details page. You can require instructions until the moment the order is Transmitted to the warehouse.

👨‍🏫 Example: You need to deliver Les Galeries Lafayette, you would like your case-packed units to be used even though you know that for some it won't be possible. You request the first 3 instructions:

  • Maximum package weight shouldn't be above 15kg.
  • All products in a package should have matching SKUs.
  • Prefer case-packed products.

Special instructions

In some situation, you have more requirements than these standards. In this case you can request them in the dedicated text box. Note that these are subject to Warehouse Managers' approval. In case we cannot answer your needs, we will come back to you.

⚠️ If these instructions are too complex, Bigblue may charge additional fees charged on an hourly basis. We will get back to you before processing anything.

🧑‍🏫 Example: You handle the shipping yourself with your own carrier but you need information about the shipment. You write

  • Send me back info about number of pallets/parcels + their weight and dimensions</aside>

Additional documents

Eventually, you can upload additional documents you want to be attached to the shipment or to packages.

⚠️ Watch out to the following elements when uploading documents:

  1. They must all be in PDF
  2. You can upload only 1 delivery note and up to 5 package or pallet identifiers and 5 other documents.
  3. Make sure they are absolutely needed. Checking that documents are properly attached can slightly delay the order.
  4. We recently updated our Delivery note template to match B2B uses cases. Have a look here, you may not have to upload a different one!

Package and pallet identifiers are a specific type of additional documents. There are most often used for Amazon FBA shipments or other customers with a rigorous warehousing process. To ensure labelling success, name the files with the support it is supposed to go to.

👨‍🏫 Example: You need to stick an identifier on the 3 homogeneous parcels packed, you upload package1.pdf, package2.pdf, package3.pdf.

How to require a delivery with appointment?

On top of instructions, Bigblue offers you to request appointments directly from the app. Here is what you need to do to have a successful delivery.

First, make sure to select a carrier that handles deliveries with appointments. You have 2 options: Kuehne+Nagel Road Messagerie and XPO Standard. In Spain and in the UK, only XPO Standard is available.

Then fill appointments information in the app:

  1. Customer order number, also known as PO number. This will smoothen reception at your Buyer's place.
  2. Phone number, mandatory for the carrier to book the appointment.
  3. Additional instructions, a short optional message that you want to transmit to the carrier to maximize delivery success.

Picture when front-end ready

☝️ Carriers only allow 80 characters in instructions so we cannot let you give more. We work closely with them to make sure they respect department stores SOPs.

🧑‍🏫 Example: You need to deliver Altermundi, you introduce the PO number, the phone number and optionnally a small comment:

  • PO number: 9992567
  • Phone Number: +33612345678
  • Instructions: Call Hermione Granger to book the appointment</aside>
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