Create an order manually

Sometimes, you might want to ship products outside of your classic selling channels (e.g. offering one of your products to influencers).

If you want to manually create an order on the Bigblue application, follow the steps listed below:

1. Access the Orders tab

  • Hover over the thunderbolt
  • Click on Add order

2. Fill in the order's information

  • Specify the External ID if you have one
  • Select the language that will be used in the tracking emails
  • Choose the currency in which prices will be expressed
  • Click on the ✚ symbol to select the products that you'll ship and determine their quantities, unit prices, and additional details

⚠️ Unit Price corresponds to the commercial value of the product, i.e. the price that will appear on your invoices. This is different from product value, which corresponds to the product's cost and which was set in the Products tab.

💡You can directly enter the Shipping Price and, if needed, the Total Tax and Discount amounts below the Subtotal line.

3. Fill in the customer's information, the shipping and billing addresses

💡We highly recommend that you add the recipient's phone number to provide the best delivery experience.

⚠️The billing address needs to be specified only if it is different from the shipping address, e.g. in the case of a present. Otherwise, simply select the option Use the same address for billing.

4. Choose whether you want to get insurance for this order

☝️Note that in the event of damage or loss of the parcel, insurance could compensate you up to the invoice value of your parcel (excluding taxes), as declared on the app.

💡For more information about the ad valorem insurance, read this article or click on Terms of service.

5. Determine the order's fulfillment settings

You may select:

  • No fulfillment if you wish to set up the fulfillment in more detail later on (see section 2 of this article)
  • Fulfill - choose a carrier if you wish to have the order fulfilled immediately with a specific carrier service
  • Fulfill - use shipping method mappings if you wish to have the order fulfilled immediately based on a specific shipping method

⚠️In the last two options, you will need to choose a) the departing warehouse and b) the chosen carrier service or shipping method.

6. Click on Create order and you're done!

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