Edit an inbound shipment

Sometimes, things can change faster than expected when sending your products to the warehouse. New informations may arise after you've listed your inventory, and this may require last-minute adjustments.

At Bigblue, nothing is set in stone. We provide you with the flexibility to update your inbound shipment until the moment it's received at our warehouse.

Discover how to manage these adjustments easily in the following sections.

When can I edit an inbound shipment?

You can edit an inbound shipment as long as we did not start offloading your products, meaning when the status is either Draft, Pending or Arrived.

In most cases, we start offloading your order within a few hours of its arrival. We therefore recommend that you make any final changes before this stage. Even if you can update your inbound shipment, the best moment is before sending it.

Anomalies in your inbound shipment can lead to extended offloading times and additional work for our operators. Editing your inbound shipment is the best way to prevent delays and avoid penalties.

How can I edit an inbound shipment?

Just got to the inbound shipment page you want to edit & you can click the Edit button on the top-right corner.

You will be able to make change exactly the same way you would when creating an inbound shipment.

Some information cannot be edited depending on your inbound shipment status:

Draft: You can update any information of your inbound.

Pending: You can update all the information except for the destination warehouse. Once information from an inbound has been sent to a warehouse, it cannot be retransmitted to another.

Arrived: You still have the flexibility to modify product lots and quantities, and include or remove references. However, please note that you won't have the option to alter carrier and supplier details, or the expected count of boxes/pallets, along with the anticipated arrival time.

This restriction is in place because our warehouse team relies on accurate information in advance to prepare for the shipment's arrival, ensuring a smooth reception and prompt compliance assessment.

What will happen as a result of these changes in the inbound shipment?

As soon as you update your inbound shipment, the warehouse will receive a notification, and your delivery note will be promptly updated.

What should I do if the attached delivery note doesn't reflect my recent updates?

Don't worry, there's nothing for you to do! The generated barcode on the delivery note remains constant. When operators scan it, they will receive all the correct information, even if it doesn't match the listing.

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