Create an inbound shipment

Shipping products to the warehouse? Follow the steps explained below to create an inbound shipment order.

☝️ Make sure to double-check the information you enter before finalizing your inbound shipment!

In this article:

  1. Create an inbound shipment
  2. Download the Delivery Note
  3. How to make an appointment at the Warehouse

1. Create an inbound shipment

  • Access the Inbound Shipments tab
  • Click on Create Shipment


a. Fill in the required information

  • Select the warehouse you want to deliver your products to in the drop-down menu under Warehouse

  • Fill in the boxes Warehouse, Carrier, Supplier, and Supplier order number (if such a number exists).
  • Choose an expected arrival time (date and time). If you are not sure, indicate the earliest possible time.

    ⚠️ Please respect buffer time as explained in our Reception Policy.
  • Complete the Expected box count
  • Complete the Expected pallet count if you're shipping pallets 


b. Add products to the shipment

You may add products in two ways: i) manually or ii) through a CSV import.

i) Add products manually

  • Click on Add product to shipment
  • Select the products in the drop-down menu 

  • Once a product has been added, fill in:

    • The Supplier SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), if your supplier uses a different SKU
    • The quantity
  • If you want to delete a product, click on the ➖ icon

II) Add products through a CSV import

  • Hover over the Import products from CSV button
  • Download the template to see how your CSV file should be structured

  • Prepare your CSV file
  • Click on Import products from CSV
  • Import your file

Now your products should appear!

💡To learn more about inbound shipment through a CSV import, read this article.


c. Finish up your inbound shipment creation

I) If you are ready to create your inbound shipment

  • Make sure all the information is correct
  • Click on Create and finalize

II) If you need more time to finalize your inbound shipment

  • Click on Create as a draft

💡 Draft inbound shipments will then appear in a background of white and gray stripes and will have the status Draft 

  • To edit a draft inbound shipment

- Click on the arrow to access its page

- Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner

- Click on Edit

- Make the necessary modifications

- Click on Save

  • To finalize a draft inbound shipment

- Make sure all the information is correct

- Click on  Finalize

Forgot to add a reference?

No problem! Just create a new inbound shipment adding only the missing reference so that it can be processed by the warehouse.


2. Download the Delivery Note

Once you've created your inbound shipment, the Delivery Note will be generated by our system. 

  • Download it and share it with your supplier or courier. 

⚠️As explained in our Reception Policy, the delivery note must be visibly attached to your goods once they arrive at the warehouse.

3. How to make an appointment at the Warehouse

  • If you're shipping more than 20 boxes, it needs to be send by pallets and you'll have to make an appointment. You can take a look at our receiving policies here.
  • It needs to be make by your carrier at least 48 hours in advance by filling out the Make a warehouse appointment form, which is available in the Warehouse settings of the app (Settings > Warehouses). 
    • Delivery times, as well as the warehouse address, are also available in the Warehouse settings.
    • You must provide a copy of the delivery note to your carrier. It'll be requested at delivery. 

❌ Without an appointment, the warehouse will systematically refuse deliveries.

❌ Late deliveries (> 30 min after the appointment time) may be refused. However, our warehouses always do their best to accommodate late deliveries.

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