Synchronize orders

If some of your orders are not displayed in the Orders tab of the Bigblue app, there might be a synchronization issue: follow these steps to get that solved!

Identify the synchronization issue

  • Go to the Shop Integrations tab
  • Click on the e-shop related to the missing order(s)

  • Click on Orders

All your shop's orders are displayed in this section.

  • Orders with a Synced icon are already managed by Bigblue.
  • Orders with a Reprocess icon have not come into our system and are not yet managed by Bigblue.

Reprocessing an order is required when:

  • One product is not linked or activated (how do I link my products?)
    💡In this case, link the product and then Reprocess the order*.
  • The order contains a virtual product (vouchers, ...)
  • The order destination is not managed by Bigblue
  • There is an issue with the order data (e.g the shipping address)
    💡In this case, you should check the data in your e-shop.

In any of the above cases, the reason for the non-synchronization will be displayed on the order line.

*Reprocess the order

Now that your product is linked:

  • Go back on the Orders tab of the shop integration's settings
  • Click on Reprocess

If the order's reprocessing is successful, the order's status will switch to  Synced. Otherwise, the reason for the non-synchronization will once again be displayed.

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