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Looking to import all your products at once into the app? Read this article to learn how to use our CSV file importer.

In this article:

  1. How do I import a product CSV file into Bigblue?
  2. How do I create the perfect CSV import file 🚀?
  3. Common errors to avoid 🆘
  4. Can I use a CSV import to edit already existing products?

1. How do I import a product CSV file into Bigblue?

  • Access the Inventory tab
  • Click on Products
  • Select Import

  • Download the template available in the import page

  • Prepare your CSV file as explained in section 2
  • Click within the indicated area to upload your import file or simply drag and drop it in there
  • Once your file is uploaded, go through all the product pages that appear, one by one, to check for missing information or errors

  • ⚠️ If there is any missing/flawed information, it will be highlighted in red.


2. How do I create the perfect CSV import file ðŸš€ ?

The details you provide for your products affect their logistics and customs clearance, this why creating a perfect CSV import file is crucial!

a) First things first

CSV stands for comma-separated values and is a file format (.csv) for spreadsheets. 

  • The simplest way to create a CSV file is to use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • Save your spreadsheet as a ".csv" file and make sure it's encoded in UTF-8.

    💡Read this guide for a step-by-step explanation of how to complete these two steps.

  • If you have a CSV file from another store or source, make sure it matches the CSV file format explained below.

    💡If the format doesn't match, an import error message will guide you through the necessary steps to fix it.


b) Guidelines for creating your CSV import file

  • The first row of your spreadsheet should include the headers, as specified in the Headers column below.

    💡See section 2c for an explanation about each header.

  • The following rows of the file must contain the data corresponding to the headers for each product.

    ⚠️There must be one row per product!

  • Each product data field needs to be properly formatted as per the specifications in the  Product data format and  Example columns below.
  • Columns must follow the right order, as indicated in the Column number column below.
Headers Product data format Example Column number
☑︎ SKU SKUs should match Bigblue format BGBL-TSSP01-SSCY 1
☑︎ ProductName String with a maximum of 128 characters Bigblue T-Shirt Save Pandas 1 size S color yellow 2
☑︎ Barcode Product's barcode that matches with the EAN-13, EAN-8 or UPC format. 850368452100 3
☑︎ TariffNumber A complete tariff number is no less than 6 digits and can be up to 16 (including "."). It should comply with the international Harmonized System (HS) 010121 or 0101.21 or 0101.21.30 4
☑︎ OriginCountry ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country code of origin CN 5
☑︎ TrackLots Single character y or n
☑︎ Foldable Single character y or n
☑︎ AlreadyPackaged Single character y or n 8
☑︎ ProductValue Decimal number with a maximum of 2 digits precision (no comma) 45.12 or 45.1 or 45
Not accepted: 45,1
☑︎ CurrencyCode 3-letter ISO 4217 code EUR 10
☐ Description String with a maximum of 1280 characters Bigblue T-shirt branded Save Pandas version 1 made of cotton from China. The size S and the color is light yellow (code #FFFFE0) 11
☐ CustomsDescription String T-Shirt made of cotton (size S, color yellow, name "Bigblue Save Pandas 1") 12
☐ EnglishName ProductName translated to English with a maximum of 128 characters. This field should be filled out if you fulfill from an English-speaking country Bigblue Save Pandas 1 T-Shirt size S color yellow 13
☐ FrenchName ProductName translated to French with a maximum of 128 characters. This field should be filled out if you fulfill from a French-speaking country Bigblue Save Pandas 1 T-Shirt taille S couleur jaune 14
☐ ChineseName ProductName translated to Mandarin with a maximum of 128 characters. This field should be filled out if you fulfill from China Bigblue Save Pandas 1 T-Shirt 尺寸小 顏色為黃色 15
☐ Option x name String size N
☐ Option x value String S N+1

(*) In the CSV model, only 5 options are displayed. Yet, it is possible to have more by adding new columns that respect the following scheme for each new option:

  • a new column for the option name with the header option x name (where x is the unique option number);
  • and the following one for the option value with option x value as header.

⚠️ Please note that the weight and dimensions of your products are measured by the warehouse operators at their reception, this is why we do not ask for these characteristics.

c) Data fields explained

The definitions below aim to help you understand the meaning of the different product data fields:

  • product is a distinct physical good uniquely identified by a SKU
  • The SKU is each product's unique identification code. At Bigblue, a SKU is made of three parts separated by a dash - :
    • Your 4-letter company codefor instance BGBL
    • A 6-character code (mix of letters and numbers) that identifies the product model, for instance TSSP01
    • A 4-character code representing the product options, for instance SSCY

    Example:  *BGBL-TSSP01-SSCY*

  • When the option TrackLots is activated for a product, the lots for this product can be tracked.
  • A product is Foldable if during an order's preparation it can be folded one time, from one end to the other in the direction of the largest dimension.
  • A product is considered Already packaged if, when it is the only product in an order, it can be shipped as it is, with no additional packaging. 
  • The Tariff Number is used to classify and define internationally traded goods. Please refer to the HS (international standardized system) the find your product classification.
  • The Product Value is the product's manufacturing price, used for customs and goods insurance purposes.
  • An option is an attribute of a product, such as its size or color. Options differentiate products of the same model (a model is a generic type of good) and their purpose is to enable quicker identification of the product internally.

    Example: the product "Bigblue Save Pandas 1 T-shirt size S, color yellow" has two options: its  size is S and its color is yellow

  • Customs Descriptions are used for customs declaration. They should clearly define the product and its composition to smoothen the customs clearance process.
  • Translated names are used to help the warehouse operators recognize your products in their local language. They appear on the delivery note and in the warehouse's system.


3. Common errors to avoid 🆘

Before uploading your CSV into the app, make sure you have checked that:

  • All your decimal separators are "." (dots) and not "," (commas)
  • All your Bigblue SKUs have the following format "XXXX-XXXXXX-XXXX", with the first 4 characters corresponding to your quadri
  • Your barcodes are registered in the right format
  • Each product's Description consists of a maximum of 1280 characters

4. Can I use a CSV import to edit already existing products?

  • To avoid bulk mistakes, it is not possible to edit products by importing a CSV that includes already existing products.
  • Modifications of already existing products can be made manually in the Products tab.

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