Reserve stock

Looking to reserve stock for a future order? Read this quick guide to learn how to do it!

Go to the order's page:

  • Select the products you want to reserve stock for
  • Click on Fulfill selected lines

Select the Warehouse where your products are stored

  • Select the Carrier Service that will be used when you'll eventually ship these products
  • Set Priority to High

    💡Priority refers to the sequence in which the stock is allocated to your orders. In case you are running out of stock, high-priority orders might leave while others won't.
  • Select Hold

    💡If you already know the release date, you can select the Fulfill at option and then the date you want to ship the order.
  • Click on Create

The order's fulfillment is now held and the corresponding stock will be reserved 🤩

How do I release the fulfillment once it's on hold?

Easy! Go to the order's page and follow the steps below:

  • Click on the arrow next to the On hold
  • Select Schedule fulfillment
  • Choose the date and time you want the fulfillment to be released

💡The date and time you choose should be later than the time you're making this modification.

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