Import Inbound Shipment line items via CSV

💡 To learn how to create an inbound shipment from scratch, read this article first.

Import products for an inbound shipment from CSV

  • Hover over the Import products from CSV button at the bottom of the page
  • Download the template to see how your CSV file should be structured

  • Prepare your CSV. Fill in: 
    • The product: SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of your products

      💡  All your Bigblue SKUs have the following format "BGBL-PRODUC-XS01", with the first 4 characters corresponding to your company identifier 

    • The supplier SKU: if your supplier uses a different SKU (not mandatory)
    • The quantity

☝️ If lots management has been activated for your account, you will also need to fill in the products' Lot Code and Lot Expiration Date.

  • Click on Import products from CSV

⚠️ If you're providing lots-related information, please note that the Lot Expiration Date should be entered in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD.

  • Import your file

  • Make sure all the information is correct

Edit the imported products

There was a wrong quantity or a product was missing in your CSV ? Don't worry!

  • You can modify quantities or/and the Supplier SKU

  • Remove a product or add a new one

⚠️ You can also import a new CSV, but, caution, it will overwrite the data of the previous file.

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