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Read this article to learn how to submit your requests to our Customer Care team and how to keep track of them!

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How do I submit a request?

There are two ways:

  1. Through the order page for an issue about a particular order
  2. Through the app widget (our beloved Beacon 🤖) for all other requests

1. Creating a request through the order page

  • Access the order's page
  • On the right sidebar, look for the Support box 

  • Click on New request
  • Choose the reason for your request among the options provided

💡If you choose a reason for which a request has already been submitted, you will be redirected to the corresponding request for quick access to the history of the issue.

  • Fill in the information required that will help us investigate your case
  • Upload relevant attachments

⚠️ In case the upload fails, you'll see an error message and you'll have to try again! 

  • Hit the Create ticket button and your request will be submitted!

2. Creating a request through the app widget (our beloved Beacon 🤖)

  • Open the Beacon and click on Ask

💡Note that the Chat option only appears when a team member is available. The Email option is always available!

If you choose the Email option:
  • Access the dropdown menu to select the reason for your request
  • If applicable, enter the relevant ID (Inbound Shipment or SKU)
  • Click on Next

  • In the box that appears, explain the issue in a few words
  • Add relevant attachments that will help us investigate your case
  • Click on Send a message and your request will be submitted!

If you choose the Chat option: 

Simply type your message and tap Enter to submit it!

⚠️Make sure to mention any relevant ID (Inbound Shipment, or SKU) to help us investigate your case as quickly as possible!

How do I track my requests?

There are three ways in which you can track your requests:

1. Through the order page

  • When on an order's page, look at the Support box on the right sidebar
  • All existing requests for this order will appear there along with their: request reason, status, last update time

2. Through the Support requests dashboard

  • Access the Support requests tab

  • There, you will see a list of all your requests
  • For each request, the dashboard shows the following information:
Header Description
Reference Order or other ID indicated
💡If this information is missing, our team will fill it in for you when we next reply to you!
Subject The topic of your request
Created Date of creation
Last activity Time of the last update
Status The status of your request can be:
Open: When you create a ticket
Awaiting your reply: When our team replies and you need to get back to us
Solved: When the issue has been solved
💡Filter by Awaiting your reply status to see the conversations you need to answer to!
  • For more information about a specific ticket, click on the "→" on the right 

  • You'll see a recap of the request's information and the entire conversation history

3. By setting up notifications

Set up your notifications so that you can be notified each time you receive a reply from our team!

💡Choose to be notified each time "A request has been answered"

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