Set up the notification center

Want to keep track of order status updates, ticket statuses, inbound shipment updates, and order synchronization issues? Stay on top of logistics events by setting up email and browser notifications as described below.

💡 Look here if you're interested in setting up Slack notifications or here for setting up inventory alerts.

The notifications you'll set up here are user-specific, which means that:

  • Each account user sets up their own notifications
  • No user will be impacted by or be able to see another user's notifications choices

In this article:

  1. Set up your notifications
  2. View and manage your notifications


1. Set up your notifications

A) Access your Notifications settings

  • Click on Settings
  • Then select Notifications

B) Choose your notifications

For each event that interests you, select whether you want to receive

  • browser 🖥 notifications 


  • email ✉️ notifications

Browser notifications

Browser notifications appear at the top right corner of the app

💡 As long as your browser (Chrome) is open, the notifications will appear on your desktop even if the app is closed.

Email notifications

The email notification you will receive looks like this

💡 Please note that email notifications will be sent to the address linked to your Bigblue user profile. You can view all users and their associated email addresses by following the instructions available here.


2. View and manage your notifications

Access the Notifications center by clicking on the bell 🔔 icon to view your notifications

A) Configure your notifications view options

Choose to see all or unread notifications only

By default, only unread notifications will appear in your Notifications center since the Unread only toggle button is switched on.

  • Unread notifications appear with a blue dot on the right
  • Once a notification is read, the notification disappears and the number in red at the bottom left corner decreases
  • Switch off the Unread only toggle button to see both read and unread notifications

💡 Keep in mind that:

  • Unread notifications remain on the app for 30 days after their creation.
  • Read notifications remain on the app for 7 days after their creation, which means that if you read a notification more than 7 days after its creation it will then be deleted instantly.

Choose to see all or category-specific notifications

Choose whether you wish to view All notifications or filter them by category by selecting one of the following options: Amazon, Helpdesk, Inbounds, Orders, or Shops

💡 You can also conveniently access the notification menu by using the Settings button at the top right corner

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