Bigblue compensation

The vast majority of Bigblue packages are delivered to your customers without a hitch! 💪
And even though we work every day to improve our quality of service, incidents do occur (e.g. preparation mistake, damaged parcel or lost parcel).

In this article, we explain our clear, understandable, and fair rules about Bigblue compensation.

Rules 📏

Damaged product:

Bigblue is not responsible for:

  • any damage caused before the products arrive at the warehouse (manufacturing defects, damage during incoming transfer, etc.)
  • damage in case of inherent defect, quality or vice of the goods

Claims opening delay:

To get the compensation claims need to be submitted through the Bigblue app within 30 days after the order preparation (except for damaged where the claim need to be opened less than 3 days after package delivery)

Definitions 🔍

Abusive return

A return is considered as abusive in the following cases:

  • The carrier has not attempted any delivery: this can be checked in the order timeline
  • For Home Delivery, the carrier has attempted only one delivery (instead of 2) before the parcel is returned or falls back to a pickup point
    • except for Colis Privé (only 1 delivery attempted)
    • except when the carrier is waiting for instructions from the recipient
  • Parcels stay less than 14 days (8 days during peak period) at pickup point (for pickup point carrier such as Mondial Relay)

A return is not considered as abusive if:

  • Enough delivery attempts are visible in the order timeline
  • The carrier states that he had incorrect/missing delivery details
  • There has been a communication between the carrier and the consignee

Delivered not received

When the carrier scan mentions a delivery (in letterbox or in-house) but the recipient claims that they did not receive any package.

Refund policy 💶

Refund reason Refund conditions Documents to provide
Investigation process Refund modalities
Package lost in transit Loss confirmed by the carrier N/A
Investigation conducted by the carrier Minimum between:
  • Contractual compensation in case of parcel loss or damage (cf below)
  • 200€
  • Order value before tax

Package delivered but not received The carrier used must deliver against signature 
(no refund will be granted in case of a non counter-signed delivery)
  • Buyer ID
  • Certificate of non-reception (example available here)

Investigation conducted by the carrier
Minimum between:
  • Contractual compensation in case of parcel loss or damage (cf below)
  • 200€
  • Order value before tax
Damaged product(s) Order delivered since less than 5 working days
  • Picture of the damaged products
  • Picture of the cardboard (optional)
Internal investigation based on pictures Minimum between:
  • Contractual compensation in case of parcel loss or damaged (cf below)
  • 200€
  • Order value before tax
Missing product(s) N/A


Internal investigation based on weight control
Substitution order*  
Wrong product(s) N/A
  • Picture of the inverted products (visible barcode)
  • supplier invoice of the inverted product (optional)
Internal investigation based on pictures
  • Substitution order*
  • Purchase value of the inverted product up to 100€**
Abusive return N/A
N/A Internal investigation Substitution order*  
Delivery delayed for express orders
-Express carrier (Chronopost 18, UPS Express)
-More than 2 working days between order creation and 1st delivery attempt
Internal investigation based on tracking events Substitution order*

* if the substitution order has been announced and uses the same type of service, Bigblue will refund the substitution order — otherwise Bigblue will refund the initial order

** if no supplier’s invoice is provided, Bigblue will refund 20% of the product commercial value up to 100€. If the product purchase value is more than 100€, we will send and refund a return shipping label

Contractual compensation in case of parcel loss or damaged ✍️

🇫🇷 From France: 

  • 23€/kg in the limit of 200€ (based on the package weight) for domestic and international shipments

🇪🇸 From Spain: 

  • 6.43€/kg for domestic and international shipments

Ad Valorem insurance 💰

If you have taken out Ad Valorem insurance, the compensation amounts are de-capped at the insured sale value in the following case:

  • Damaged item
  • Parcel loss
  • Parcel claimed as delivered but not received, in case of delivery with a signature

Ad valorem insurance only works if the carrier admits fault and agrees to a refund.

🚨Ad Valorem insurance is only available for parcels shipped from our French warehouses

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