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Why should I get Bigblue's shipping insurance?

When shipping a parcel you want to make sure its cost of transportation is reasonable compared to its value, right?

☝️In the event of a lost or damaged parcel, the carrier compensation you'll be entitled to is based on your parcel's weight — not on its declared value.

💰When shipping high-value items and/or light products, the ad valorem shipping insurance acts as complimentary insurance: it can compensate up to the invoice value of your parcel (excl. taxes), as declared in Bigblue, and up to a maximum of 2,000€ excluding taxes.

💡Wanna know more about the shipping insurance? Read our Terms of Service, article 4.5.13. Ad Valorem insurance or contact us at 😉

How much does it cost?

The cost of getting your orders insured depends on their value and destination:

Ad valorem transport insurance, up to 199€ insured - European Economic Area (*) 1€ per Order
Ad valorem transport insurance, up to 699€ insured -  European Economic Area (*)
3€ per Order
Ad valorem transport insurance, up to 2000€ insured -  European Economic Area (*) 4€ per Order
Ad valorem transport insurance, up to 199€ insured -  Worldwide (*) 2€ per Order
Ad valorem transport insurance, up to 699€ insured -  Worldwide (*)
6€ per Order
Ad valorem transport insurance, up to 2000€ insured -  Worldwide (*)
8€ per Order

(*)  An additional insurance tax for non-French companies may apply.

💡Your insurance costs are invoiced at the end of each Billing Period. Each invoice will only include insured orders that were prepared.

How can I apply the insurance to my shipments?

⚠️Keep in mind that by choosing Bigblue's shipping insurance you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the Ad Valorem Insurance Terms and Conditions available in French at this link.

Easy peasy! Learn how to:

A) Set up automatic insurance for orders from your e-shop

Get your e-shop orders above a threshold automatically insured:

  • Click on your initials at the bottom left corner
  • Click on Logistics
  • Select the Insurance tab
  • Activate the auto-insurance by clicking on the toggle button so that it becomes blue (A)
  • Specify the Minimum insurance threshold in euros (B), i.e. the minimum order value (excl. taxes) to which the insurance should apply (which should be strictly lower than 1999€)

⚠️These settings do not apply to orders created manually through the app. For these, see section B.

B) Insure orders created manually

To insure orders you create manually:

  • Create an order as explained in this article
  • When filling in the order's information, in the Insurance part, choose to Insure your order for coverage up to €X

⚠️The default setting for insurance on your shipments will be No insurance so if you do require insurance, make sure to change it!

💡The insurance price is based on your order's total value (incl. shipping costs and excl. taxes).

💡Click on Terms of service for more information about insurance

  • Create your order and insurance will apply to it!

C) Insure orders imported through CSV

When preparing your orders CSV file you can determine which orders will be insured:

  • Fill in the ShipmentInsurance(Y/N) column with a "Y" for orders that need to be insured
  • Import your file and you're all set!

💡If needed, you may then modify the insurance settings of these orders as explained in section D.

D) Modify the insurance settings of an existing order

⚠️Remember that you may edit an order only when its status is No fulfillment, Backorder, or Pending, as explained in this article.

On the order's page:

  • Scroll down until you see the Insurance part
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on the toggle button to activate or deactivate insurance
  • Edit the Insurance value if needed

💡Click on Terms of service for more information about insurance

How can I file an insurance claim?

If your order has encountered an issue during transportation, our team will take care of filing the claim. Contact us at and make sure you:

  • State the issue (Has the shipment been damaged or lost?)

⚠️Keep in mind that only tangible proofs of loss or damage are accepted. As such, orders marked as delivered but not received by your customers will not be considered.

  • Provide the Bigblue order number

If the shipment has been damaged, please:

  • Upload a copy of the document signed by your customer at reception (if applicable)
  • Briefly describe the nature of the damaged products
  • Upload a picture of the damaged goods in their package

If the shipment has been lost, please:

  • Upload a sworn statement from the client attesting to the non-reception of the package + a copy of the client ID
  • Upload a copy of the investigation with the carrier that shows the parcel is lost

We'll take care of the rest 😉

What are the warranty exclusion provisions?

The Ad Valorem insurance can not be activated in some cases, here is a non-exhaustive list of those events:

  • Unexplained disappearance such as a parcel delivered but non-received in case of a non counter-signature service
  • Damage in case of inherent defect, quality or vice of the goods
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