How to setup the buyer portal

Curious to know how you can activate and setup the returns portal. Here you go!

  1. First, activate the returns portal through your Logistics settings
  2. Then, update the settings to match your return rules
  3. Finally, setup your email and return policy

Quick access: Return labels - Portal visibility

1. First, enable the returns portal through your Logistics settings

Go to your profile and click on Logistics.

In the Logistics settings menu, select Returns.

Then, simply click on the switch to enable the portal.

2. Once enabled, update the settings to match your return rules

Return policy

Maximum return window

Fill in the max return period (period during which your customer can request a return through the portal). If you don't want to set any limit, just enter 0.

Return labels

You choose whether you offer on-demand return labels to your buyers.

  • Return label provided - Once announcing which products your customers are returning, a return label is generated for them to print.
  • At the buyer expense - Instead of receiving a label at the end of the return flow, buyers find instructions to ship the package to warehouse.

In both cases, your buyer smoothly knows what to do.

Note: Return labels are not provided for overseas territories (Guadeloupe, Mayotte, Aruba, etc.)

🇪🇺 Return labels in Europe are coming soon! Stay tuned! If you ship from ADS Evreux warehouse (EU-FRA-002) and want European buyers to receive on-demand labels from the returns portal, contact our support team.

What happens if European customers use the portal?
They will be invited to ship the return at their expense. For exceptional situations (damaged item, anomaly...), you can decide to refund them the label they paid in advance.

Portal settings

You can customize your returns portal URL.Portal Visibility

You can activate if buyers easily access the portal and return instructions through a  QR code in Delivery Note

Benefits for buyers
- They find the info they are looking for right in the package
- The QR-code is unique and automatically authenticates the buyer – they no longer need to search for their order id!
- Instructions are specific to your buyer situation and will automatically adapt whether you offer return labels to the buyer country (see Return label setup).

What is displayed to buyers in French in English
Return Label provided " Vous pouvez renvoyer un ou des articles gratuitement dans les 30 jours"...
"rendez-vous sur le portail pour obtenir votre étiquette de retour"
" You can return one or more items for free within 30 days"...
" visit the portal to get your return label"
No label provided " Vous pouvez renvoyer un ou des articles à vos frais dans les 30 jours" ...
" Envoyez le colis à l’adresse indiquée. Privilégiez une méthode de livraison avec suivi"
" You can return one or more items at your expense within 30 days"...
" Send the package to the specified address. Please choose a tracked delivery method"

Portal customization

Add your E-shop URL and Returns policy URL to redirect your buyer for questions.

Finally, upload a background image to wow your buyers!
We recommend to choose an image that works both on web and mobile.

3. Finally, setup your email and return policy

  1. Review your return policy in your store
    Make sure the portal link is displayed and clearly visible to your buyers.
  2. Add the portal links to your emails
    We recommend to add the link to the portal in the Delivered email.

You're all set, we'll do the rest!

Start building customer loyalty with the returns portal

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