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Curious to know how you can activate and set up the returns portal. Here you go!

  1. First, activate the returns portal through your Buyer experience settings
  2. Then, update the settings to match your return rules
  3. Finally, review your return policy on your store
  4. FAQ

Quick access: Return labels - Portal visibility

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1. First, enable the returns portal through your experience settings

Go to Your Return Settings.

Choose the status of your return portal:

  • Active: your return portal is active and the page is accessible via your tracking emails and your delivery note
  • Hidden: your return portal is active but not accessible via your tracking emails and your delivery note, you choose when you want to send the page to a customer
  • Inactive: the return portal is not accessible to anyone

See more information on Portal Visibility

2. Once enabled, update the settings to match your return rules

Return portal URL

You can customize your returns portal URL. Choose a name that identifies your brand.

Maximum return window

Fill in the max return period (period during which your customer can request a return through the portal). 

Return labels

You choose whether you provide on-demand return labels to your buyers.

  • Offer return labels for free - Once announcing which products your customers are returning, a free return label is generated for them to print.
  • Offer return labels for a fixed fee - A label is given to customers, and they are informed that a fixed fee will be taken from their refund.
  • Don't offer return labels- Instead of receiving a label at the end of the return flow, buyers find instructions to ship the package to the warehouse.

In all cases, your buyer smoothly knows what to do.

💸 If you activate store credit, a label will always be given for free for customers to return their articles.

💡 If you provide a return label for a fixed fee, mind updating your refund policy on your website!

đŸ‡ĒđŸ‡ē Return labels are available for the following countries: France (Monte-Carlo included), Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Portugal.

Note: Return labels are not provided for overseas territories (Guadeloupe, Mayotte, Aruba, etc.)

Refund via store credit (Shopify only)

Fewer refunds and more exchanges with store credit. Activate this option to provide your buyers a choice between a definitive refund and a store credit they can use to shop again on your store (to handle exchanges for example).

You can consult this article to read more information on store credit.

Background image

Finally, upload a background image to wow your buyers! We recommend choosing an image that works both on web and mobile.

Note: In your experience General settings, fill in your branding assets, Return policy URL, your support links and your social links, this information will be populated on all your buyer experiences including your return portal

2. Finally, edit your return policy on your website

Review your return policy in your store. Make sure the portal link is displayed and clearly visible to your buyers.

You're all set, we'll do the rest! Start building customer loyalty with the returns portal đŸĻŽ

3. FAQ

How can I change the portal language?

It will automatically be translated into French, English, Spanish or German depending on the language of the buyer. The buyer language is accessible on the order page.

Follow this article to test the portal in different languages.

Portal Visibility — what does Active means?

If your return portal is active, the portal link and return instructions will be displayed through a QR code in the Delivery Note and in Tracking Emails.

Benefits for buyers

- They find the info they are looking for right in the package

- The QR code is unique and automatically authenticates the buyer

– they no longer need to search for their order ID!

- Instructions are specific to your buyer's situation and will automatically adapt whether you offer return labels to the buyer country (see Return label setup).

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