Fast Tags | What is it?

Fast Tags help boost your website conversion by showcasing how fast your delivery can be, instilling customer trust. 💨 Discover the feature in this article⚡️

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Why activate Fast Tags?

🥳 Reassure your customers with a delivery date

  • With e-commerce, shoppers are looking for a fast and reliable delivery experience (Amazon’s next-day shipping is becoming the new standard for European customers)
  • By showing them when their products will be delivered, your customers are reassured about your delivery reliability.

📈 And through that, we help you grow

  • As acquisition costs rise, you can boost your shop's conversion rates while spending less! On average, we've seen a remarkable 22% increase in conversion rate when Fast Tags are displayed.
  • Additionally, merchants using Fast Tags experience an average 5% increase in their average cart value with threshold badges!

How does it work?

Using Bigblue's data history and our proprietary algorithm, we can precisely estimate the delivery date of a package based on the destination zip code and your fastest standard home or pickup delivery option.

We also use your minimum purchase requirement for free delivery, or a countdown based on the deadline for which an order can be prepared on the same day. The corresponding badge is displayed in milliseconds to your customers. See the Badges section

On your website

The Fast Tag can be displayed

  • on product pages
  • in other parts of your website, using an advanced setup, such as your cart, checkout, or collection pages.


How is the date calculated? What data is used?

We use various factors to calculate the estimated delivery date.

  • Product Inventory - We do not display a delivery date for products that are out of stock or not yet in our inventory.
  • Customer Address - We rely on the IP address to infer the postal code, which helps us determine the delivery location.
  • The current date & time - We show the best conversion argument based on the time of day.
  • Your shipping method settings on your website
    • We use the fastest home or pickup delivery option (express shipping methods are excluded).
    • To display "Free delivery for orders x€", we also leverage your shipping rates settings (price and conditions).
  • Your fulfillment settings on Bigblue - auto-fulfillment delay, carriers mapped with your website shipping methods
  • Warehouse Data - Time it takes for our warehouse to process an order and cutoff time for warehouse operations
  • Carrier Data - The carrier's shipping time and their cutoff dates for shipments also play a role in determining the delivery date.
  • Special Considerations:
    • Warehouse workload - During busy periods when the warehouse is overloaded, a one-day delay may be added to the delivery date.
    • Carrier workload, similarly.

All these factors are taken into account to provide your customer with the most accurate estimated delivery date possible. Our proprietary algorithm is trained on millions of historical data points for similar postal codes and shipping methods.

How to activate this feature?

Follow our guide to set up Fast Tags!


Will a delivery date be displayed on out-of-stock products?

No, if your product is out of stock or on preorder, we won't display a badge.

How does Bigblue know where customers are located?

Customers are geolocated using their IP address. We advise you to add this mention to your Privacy Policy. This is fully GDPR-compliant as this data is processed for the legitimate customer interest to be provided an accurate estimated delivery date.

Will the feature be available on other CMS?

For now, the feature is available to Shopify and WooCommerce merchants. You are using another CMS and are interested in Fast Tags? Request the feature on other platforms using this form.

How do we compute the estimated date?

See this section

In which languages are Fast Tags available?

Based on the shop’s languages, Fast Tags can be displayed in 🇬🇧 English, 🇫🇷 French, 🇩🇪 German, and 🇪🇸 Spanish.

Will the Fast Tag slow down my website?

No, Fast Tags won’t slow down your website.

The Fast tag will only load after your entire page has finished loading. We follow standard recommendations from your CMSs, Shopify or WooCommerce.

Can I customize the look of the Fast Tag?

The badge displayed on your shop inherits from the page style. So its color or font will change to fit your shop style!

If you or your developer team are familiar with CSS, you can modify the Fast Tag look. Need some help? Contact our support team.

What are the different badges?

Based on your Shop settings and when your customer visits your page, the Fast Tag content can change:

Default badge Only displays the delivery promise

Free delivery badge Displays the delivery promise and promotes free delivery

Time cutoff badge Displays the delivery promise when the order can be prepared on the same day

Cart threshold badge Displays the delivery promise and promotes free delivery once a cart amount is reached

Other If the estimated delivery date is greater than 5 days, the Fast Tag will be displayed like this.

Want to increase sales and reassure your customers about your delivery speed? Activate Fast Tags today!

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