How can I process refunds?

At Bigblue, we provide our merchants with many tools to ease your refund process.

[Shopify] Use tags and views to list orders to refund

We push data to Shopify via tags when an order is reviewed at the warehouse.

These tags will allow you to create order views in Shopify to find all the orders you need to refund in one click.

List of the tags pushed

  • Returned
  • A tag for the return source
    • Customer return Created via the portal by the buyer
    • Merchant return Created by the merchant from the merchant app
    • Carrier return Parcel returned by carrier (not yet implemented)
  • Refund method tags
    • Refund
    • Store credit
  • Warning tags — if one or more items are concerned
    • Damaged item
    • Missing item
    • Unannounced item


Create a view for all the returns with a tag Returned, not tagged with Store credit and whose payment status is not Refunded or Partially refunded.

Use Slack or Email Notifications

You can also use the email, browser, or slack notifications to identify the orders you need to refund.

Need a refresher on the return statuses? Read this article

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