Set up the automated fulfillment

After connecting your shop, you can set up rules based on which your orders can be automatically fulfilled! Follow the steps listed below to set up the automated fulfillment.

In this article:

  1. First things first: What is automated fulfillment?
  2. Access the automated fulfillment settings
  3. Choose the auto-fulfill delay
  4. Select a warehouse
  5. Map your shipping methods with the carriers
  6. Modify your shipping methods
  7. Verify your fulfillment settings

1. First things first: What is automated fulfillment?

Automated fulfillment is a setting that enables you to  automatically assign an outbound warehouse and a carrier service to all your orders, based on your e-shop's shipping methods.

You only have to configure this setting once!


2. Access the automated fulfillment settings

  •  Click on Settings
  • Select Auto-fulfillment


3. Choose the auto-fulfill delay

The Auto-fulfill delay is the buffer time between the order submission (i.e when the order is transmitted to the Bigblue app) and the fulfillment creation. Enter the value in minutes.

💡This buffer time is important because once an order's fulfillment is transmitted to the warehouse it is no longer possible to edit, cancel, or delete the order

In the section Fulfill from, choose the date you want the automated fulfillment to be effective from. Orders submitted before this date will have to be manually fulfilled. (Check out our article about manual fulfillment)

💡Determining this date can be particularly useful in case some of your orders have been fulfilled by your previous logistics provider and you would like to prevent them from being handled by Bigblue.


4. Select a warehouse

Choose the warehouse you wish your products to be shipped from. To do so, click on the field Warehouse and choose the desired warehouse from the drop-down menu


5. Map your shipping methods with the carriers

In this section you will need to:

A) specify all the shipping methods that your customers can choose at the checkout and

B)  choose the carriers you wish to assign to each shipping method. 


A) Specify your shipping methods

i. Automatic entry of shipping methods

All the shipping methods entered in your e-shop appear in the Shipping Method dropdown menu.

⚠️This applies to Shopify, Prestashop, and WooCommerce. For Magento, and FTP or API integration, please refer to section 1B.

If you add a new shipping method to your e-shop, it will appear on the app after a while. You can also manually sync new shipping methods by accessing the Shop Integrations tab, then: 

  • Access your shop's settings ⚙️
  • Select the Shipping Methods tab
  • Click on the Shipping Methods sync button
  • Your e-shops shipping methods should appear below

ii. Manual entry of shipping methods

You can add shipping methods manually as follows:

  • Type the name of each of your shipping methods under Shipping Method exactly as it appears on your e-shop, i.e. keeping the spelling and syntax identical.
  • Click on Add "Shipping Method Name"

B) Assign carriers to your shipping methods

For each of the specified shipping methods (even if it is only one), determine the carriers that will serve different locations:

  • For each Shipping Zone, click on the field under Carriers and choose the ones you want to assign from the drop-down menu
  • You can assign several carriers per shipping zone (cf. screenshot below: colissimo-access and colissimo-expert have been chosen for Standard Shipping to France)

⚠️ Please note that the order in which you enter the carriers is important: it determines the order in which carriers will be assigned to serve a specific shipping zone (starting from the left and moving to the right).

  • Click on Save


6. Modify your shipping methods

A) If you are using Shopify, Prestashop, or WooCommerce:

  • Once you make a name modification on your e-shop, it will automatically appear in the Shipping Method dropdown menu.
  • Select the new shipping method
  • Assign carriers as explained in section 2

B) If you are using Magento, FTP, or API integration:

As the shipping method matching between your e-shop and the app is made based on the character string, you need to update your mapping.

  • Add a shipping method with the modified name manually as described in section 1B
  • Assign carriers as explained in section 2


7. Verify your fulfillment settings

To finish, make sure the Auto-fulfill orders button is activated in your e-shop settings:

  • Access the Shop Integrations tab and click on the ⚙️icon that corresponds to your shop.
  • In the Fulfillment Settings page, activate the Auto-fulfill orders button.

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