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  1. When can I edit, cancel or delete an order?
  2. Can I determine an order's transmission time?
  3. How can I edit an order?
  4. How can I cancel or delete an order?
  5. Will the changes be synchronized with my shop?

1. When can I edit, cancel, or delete an order?

You can easily modify your orders directly from the Bigblue app based on their current status:

  • The content of the order can be edited until the "Pending" status is reached. It is no longer possible to add or remove products once the order transitions to the "In preparation" status.
  • Customer information, shipping address, and the shipping method can be edited until the "In preparation" status.

    Once the order reaches the "Prepared" status, it is no longer possible to edit any details.

When is an order transmitted to the warehouse?

Once a fulfillment has been created (check out this article for more information on fulfillment creation), the order is transmitted at the next synchronization between Bigblue and the warehouse.

Synchronisations take place daily, from Monday to Friday, at 2h55 - 5h55 - 9h55 - 11h55 CET. On Sundays, there is an additional synchronisation that takes place at 18h00 CET.

2. Can I determine an order's transmission time?

Absolutely! By configuring your Automated fulfillment settings, you can determine when a fulfillment is created and so when the order is transmitted.

If you've enabled auto-fulfillment, you have two options:

  • Customize the buffer time between an order's submission and its fulfillment's creation by choosing the Auto-fulfill delay that suits you best (check out this article for more information). This setting will apply to all orders transmitted through your shop.

⚠️ We strongly encourage you to enable auto-fulfillment as manual fulfillment can be time-consuming!

3. How can I edit an order?

On an order's page, you can make different modifications listed below.

⚠️ Always remember to click on Save changes at the bottom right corner!

Modify the order's content

In the Order section, you can click on Edit on the top-right corner, and then:

  • Modify the quantity, unit price, unit tax, and total discount for each line item.
  • Delete an order item or add a new one.
  • Fulfill a line item by ticking the box on the left of the item's name, then clicking on Fulfill selected lines.
  • Modify the currency in which the prices will appear.
  • Modify the order's shipping price, shipping tax, and total discount.

Modify the fulfillment(s)

Each order can have one or more fulfillments. In each fulfillment section you can click on Manage > Edit, and then:

  • Modify the Fulfillment Date by accessing the drop-down menu.
  • Modify the carrier
  • Modify and the order's priority

To see how you can split your fulfillments, you can refer to this article

Modify customer details

In the Customer section you can:

  • Modify the customer's personal information.
  • Modify their shipping and billing addresses by clicking on Open.

⚠️ Please note that Bigblue team members will not be able to modify any address for you.

Modify the shipping method

In the Shipping method section you can:

  • Tick/Untick the Auto-fulfilled by Bigblue option to enable/disable your auto-fulfillment settings for this specific order.
  • Choose a pickup point, if the chosen carrier delivers to pickup points.

Modify the language of the tracking emails

In the Language section, the language you choose will trigger the appropriate tracking emails for your client.

4. How can I cancel or delete an order?

Cancelling an order

You can cancel an order through your e-shop or through Bigblue by hovering over the 3 dots on the top right corner of an order's page, then clicking on Cancel.

By cancelling an order, all of the order's fulfillments will be cancelled and the order's status will switch to Order Cancelled.

Once an order is cancelled, fulfillments can no longer be created.

Cancelling a fulfillment

If you wish to keep the order but substitute the existing fulfillment, you can simply cancel the fulfillment. Then, you can create a new fulfillment.

Following a fulfillment's cancellation, the order's status will switch to  Ful. Cancelled.

Deleting an order

Deleting an order means removing it from the  Orders page.

You can delete an order only if it has been created manually and if no fulfillment has been created. This can be done by hovering over the 3 dots on the top right corner of an order's page, then clicking on Delete

5. Will the changes be synchronized with my shop?

Any update on Bigblue app on the following items are desynchronized from your shop:

  • line items
  • prices
  • customer information
  • shipping address
  • billing address

This prevent from overwritting the updates when your shop and Bigblue are synchronized.

At edition, an alert is displayed in the editing prompt to notify that it would cause the desynchronization. After validation, a small warning icon  🔌🔌  and a pop up message are displayed to show that the desynchronization is effective.

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