Fulfill orders

To trigger the delivery of an order, a fulfillment has to be created. This article explains how a fulfillment can be created, either automatically or manually.

First things first: What does fulfillment mean?

Fulfillment refers to the process of preparing and shipping a customer’s order. Essentially, creating a fulfillment means allocating a warehouse and a carrier service to your order's products (i.e choosing from where and how the order will be delivered). 

💡 For more information about the order flow, have a look at this article!

1. Automated fulfillment

Check out this article to understand how automated fulfillment works and how you can set up your auto-fulfillment settings.

2. Manual fulfillment

You can fulfill an order manually when its status is No fulfillment

  • Click on the arrow corresponding to the order you want to fulfill in the far-right column

Select the line item(s) you want to fulfill

  • Click on Fulfill selected lines

Set up the fulfillment by choosing:

  • - a warehouse (where the product is stored)
    - a carrier service (the carrier that will deliver the package may vary by warehouse)
    - a priority*
    - a schedule (if you want to plan a future fulfillment)

⚠️ *Priority refers to the sequence in which the stock is allocated to your orders. In case you are running out of stock, high-priority orders might leave while others won't.

  • Click on Create

A fulfillment has now been created! 👏 

💡 Several fulfillments can be created for a specific order allowing you to...

  • Split the order into several distinct fulfillments (e.g one product is out of stock but you want to send the other products of the order without waiting for your stock to be replenished)
  • Send products from different places (e.g one product of the order is stored in warehouse X and another is stored in warehouse Y)
  • Send products with different carrier services
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