Hold fulfillment

Discover how to stop an order from being prepared directly after its creation.

Can I still hold the fulfillment?

  • Once a fulfillment has been created, it is transmitted to the warehouse at the next synchronization.
  • Once the Fulfillment Status switches to Transmitted, then you will no longer be able to hold it

Synchronisations take place daily, from Monday to Friday, at 5h55 - 7h55 - 9h55 - 11h55 CET.

Prevent direct transmission to the warehouse

To prevent an order from being directly transmitted to the warehouse:

  • Go to the orders' page and
  • On the fulfillment section click on Manage > Edit
  • On the modal, select Hold the fulfillment

Your fulfillment is now held until you decide to Reschedule fulfillment 🤩

Please note that if the Fulfillment Date is later than the current date, you will get an error message and the fulfillment will not be held. In this case, you have to cancel the fulfillment, then create a new one and hold it.

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