Auto-link my Shopify products

The auto-link feature saves you time by linking all your Shopify products with their Bigblue equivalent in just a few clicks.

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How to run the product auto-link feature?

1. Create your Bigblue products (manually or through a CSV bulk import) and bundles in the Bigblue app

⚠️ You need to make sure that:

  • Your products have the same barcodes in Bigblue and in Shopify as the matching between the two applications will be based on this property.
  • Your Shopify bundles' SKUs match Bigblue's.

👆 Please note that the SKU will prevail over the barcode when the auto-link is running.

2. Access the Shop Integrations tab in the Bigblue app, enter your shop's settings, and click on Auto-link products

3. In the window that pops up, configure your auto-link preferences and, when you're ready, hit Start

By default, two options are checked:

a) Re-evaluate existing links

If you keep this option checked, all existing product links will be reviewed and updated based on the SKU/barcode information that is currently available on your Shopify and Bigblue accounts.

b) Enable products automatically

If you keep this option checked, all product links will be activated automatically.

⚠️ If some of your products were already linked, w e recommend that you check the second option only, i.e. Enable products automatically, so that the auto-link feature can apply to your new products only.

💡 Once you click on Start, the auto-link feature will be launched and the matching process will begin!

4. See the results of the auto-link process

Once the auto-link process is complete, a new window will pop up indicating how many products were linked and how many were skipped.

To find those that were matched, click on Close, scroll down the Products list and look for the blue tags:

💡 When you hover over a blue tag, a tooltip indicates that the product was Auto-linked by Bigblue.

How to edit a product link that has been created with the auto-link feature?

If for some reason you feel that the auto-link process was not done properly for a specific product, no worries! You can easily edit and replace the link, as usual:

  • Click on the pen icon

  • Use the search bar to find the SKU that you want to link your Shopify product to
  • Click on Select, then on OK

💡 Once the link is replaced, the SKU tag will turn grey.

⚠️ Beware! If you manually edit a link between a Shopify product and a Bigblue product, this may mean that you need to change the SKU or the barcode in one of the two applications too. Otherwise, the initial link between products will be restored next time the auto-link runs.

Does the process change when the auto-link feature is used for bundles?

Everything is the same except for one thing: as there is no barcode associated to a bundle (since a bundle, by definition, consists of two or more products), the product link will need to be made on the basis of the SKU.

💡 Make sure to add your bundle's Bigblue SKU to your Shopify.

Best practices: Things to keep in mind when running the auto-link feature

  1. When you create your products in Bigblue, use the same barcodes as in Shopify.
  2. In the case of a bundle make sure to use the Bigblue bundle's SKU as the Shopify bundle's SKU.
  3. As barcodes are not always available, a matching SKU prevails over a matching barcode.
  4. When configuring your auto-link preferences, if you do not uncheck any option, the feature will automatically review all the existing products of your Shopify account, link them to the corresponding Bigblue product, and enable their fulfillment.
  5. If you manually modify a link after it has been auto-linked, don't forget to edit the SKU or barcode property that was not matching in Shopify. Otherwise, your edits may be overridden the next time you auto-link all your products.
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